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It is possible to get to a point in your life where you really think that everything has come to a standstill and you don’t know what to do or where to go from there. You have turned right and left and there seems to be no solution for you again. Nothing is in view and you have no idea what can happen in the next few minutes or hours or days and weeks. You even already feel like giving up or you have given up and you want to wait only for the worst things to happen, just wait and think again. Who said it is over for you? What makes you think you cannot experience a turnaround in life that will be a lot bigger than you can ever imagine?
We also need to remember that even our own lives present us as actors in the scripts of another writer. We are not the writers of our own lives. We are just acting out a script. In most scripts that are beautifully written, there is what you call suspense. The script positions the actors in a way that they seem very confused and it looks like all is over for them. Sometimes it just appears as though those who should not get the upper hand in the situation are getting the upper hand but as things progress, we suddenly see a change. At that point of change, everything that was not working for the actor just begins to work. Then good news begin to roll in. the atmosphere which would have been moody suddenly changes to that of joy and celebration. Everybody is happy that a turnaround has happened for someone who seemed to have lost everything.
Just imagine your own life as that of the great author who almost lost everything but experienced a turnaround at the unexpected hour. Your life is probably in the suspense phase! People are watching you and they also can’t tell how you will be able to pull a miracle in the situation. I think it is simple. For me, I am not the author of my own life. The author of my life is my maker who is limitless in imaginations and possibilities. It means that it is impossible for Him to run out of ideas regarding what to do with my life. Even the human author of some of the movies that we see or the books that we read can go blank while writing. They may not know how to continue again and may really need help on how to finish their stories. That is not the case with the writer of my own story. He as a way of always springing surprises with my life for those who are watching. He knows that my story is one that must end happily and that is why I am confident it is never over for me. I am with Jesus, the author and the finisher of my fate. He is the story teller who knows how best the story should be told.
I can bounce back from any situation and so can you. If you have seen a brick wall at the end of the road, the walls can come down. If they refuse to come down on their own, take a sledge hammer and bring them down. When you are the author of your own life then you will be worried about what the next phase of your life will be. You will have to think about how best to orchestrate things and to get your life back on track. Since you are human and are limited, you may as well conclude that there is no other way for you to continue with the idea that you had on your mind.
Even if you were to write your own story the way you would want it to end, create a bounce back scene or episode and conclude with a happy ending for yourself. How can you do that? Start with your mouth! Say the things you want to see. Talk about the bounce back and the turnaround you would like to experience in your life. Keep your gaze on the expected turnaround and very soon, the way out will show up and things will go well for you!

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