Who said it would be easy? | Fola Daniel Adelesi

If you have been following me for a while now on this platform or the other platforms where I inspire or train, you would have noted that I am not the type that will make you think motivation is about jumping and getting excited and believing that all is well. I am going to be real with you and it’s a promise I have made to continue to be real with those I write for or speak to.
My dear, life is tough. It is not a roller coaster ride. If anyone says he or she is a ‘whatever kind of speaker’ and they tell you otherwise then they are setting you up for a big shock. That’s why I always try to prepare people’s minds for what they like to face in life. It is better to have your mind prepared for it than to meet it suddenly.
In some countries of the world where they have all the necessary apparatus to prepare for weather disasters, the people are better prepared unlike countries where they don’t even know it will happen. When it happens without prior knowledge, everyone starts running around then you eventually get an emergency solution which can lead to another emergency.
You don’t live life thinking everything will be easy and hoping nothing will go wrong. You live life like that great man called Nehemiah. He had noble intentions and great dreams. He spoke with people who have great hearts and they agreed to work with him. The real authorities also gave him the needed approval. Just as he was going to start working, opposition came in a really strong way. Guess what he did? He prepared to fight with one hand and work with the other. He succeeded at last.
Unlike him, many of us want to work with both hands and not face the reality that whatever is worth doing at all will face some opposition and will probably have a painful process. I repeatedly make reference to child bearing in my presentations or writings and you know that a child – the bundle of joy – can’t come without a painful process.
If what you want in life is really worth having, be ready for a fight in order to get it. Be ready for criticism just to get to where you are going. Do you have great dreams? Congratulations … but start getting ready for the challenges that come with them.
It’s really so easy for us to conceive ideas but birthing the ideas is another thing entirely. Maybe you have already started and you are now seeing it’s not so easy. That’s the reality. Don’t be disappointed with those who told you their stories and made it look like a nice movie with no hiccups on the highway to success. Just embrace the reality and be better prepared for life.
I have people that I admire especially for the great things they are doing but I don’t deceive myself. I know they had great challenges and they met with serious difficulties before they got to the admirable state. When you start, there will be reasons to give up. There will be reasons to look back. Sometimes you will want to run away. If you stay at it and make it through, it can get easier.
Think about your last flight for a moment. When you got on the plane and they announced it was time to move, you wanted the plane to move immediately. Just then the hostess starts taking you through safety procedures that you’ve heard like a million times. Finally the plane starts moving but very slowly. It hits the runway a few minutes later with increased speed and you are happy. Before your mind settles into that happiness, the plane lifts and you may start experiencing some shaking. While you are air borne, the pilot says there will be ‘minor turbulence’ but for you it’s strong enough to make you pass out for a moment. Finally after a few hours you land at your destination.
The people who saw you walk out of the departure lounge naturally presume you had a smooth trip because you arrived safely. But you know it wasn’t that smooth. So don’t ever think that everyone who arrived safely had a smooth trip. I believe you will also arrive safely at your destination but prepare for a rough ride.

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