Why a nation can be blessed but cursed | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

As I was driving back home yesterday afternoon something happened in traffic and before I could figure it out there were some unidentified men who had made themselves traffic officials without any state or federal recognition who are out there on the streets to extort money from unsuspecting and mostly likely the law abiding citizens and after the whole scenario played out the only thing I could think about is ‘this is one of the reasons a nation can be so blessed yet it is obviously cursed so it is in the midst of abundance but it has nothing to show for the abundance that it is blessed with!’
If we are going to be blessed as a nation or if the blessings we have will begin to reflect in the lives of all citizens then one of the things we will have to work on is to make sure that we do not punish innocent people unjustly and make law abiding citizens pay for offences they never committed! Just last week there was the report of the 4 undergraduates who were killed by members of a community though I think that the real truth of the story and why those young promising boys were killed has not been told! A few days later there was the report of about 14 people murdered including a 75 year old woman and you can’t help but wonder what exactly is going on in a nation with laws and enforcement officers or leaders who are supposed to make sure the society is a sane place for people to live in!
If we do not stop the unjust punishment that innocent people are suffering then this nation will remain blessed but the curses heaped from the hearts of these innocent ones will stagnate this nation! What about those who have been killed unjustly and their blood is crying out against us as a nation? Like it happened for Abel in the Bible days who was killed by his brother Cain and his blood cried out unto God which moved God to speak out and punish Cain accordingly, we need to know that it can still happen that very way in this nation! In fact, we should not forget that God actually turned Cain into a fugitive and still put a sign on him that no one would kill him! Don’t you think that’s already happening in Nigeria today? No civil war or ethnic crises or even election violence or bombing has been able to break this nation! We are not dead as a nation but the question is where are we going? Have we not, like Cain, turned into fugitives who cannot be killed but have to aimlessly work about?
In our rich diversity and extremely admirable natural resources, we have the potential to seat among nations that can be called the rich nations of the world and even among the developed nations but we keep rolling around in the unfathomable mess that we got into yet we are described as giants! Of what use is a giant on the floor who cannot rise to any challenge and take advantage of its real size to scare away the challenges before it!
I think there too many people who are being unjustly punished without any pity and there’s so much blood on the neck of this nation such that we cannot pretend it’s not happening! How do you explain that roads are bad and a government gets into power but does not fix it? How do you explain that hospitals are in a bad state and people are dying but nothing serious is being done?
My heart is heavy as I come to the realization that the challenges of this nation are beyond the intellectual strategies or vision or road map that anyone may decide to put together as the way forward and we need to deal with the real issue of a messed up system that allows the real thieves walk around freely while the small defenseless people who are trying to make a living spend the rest of their productive days in jail or even pay with their lives!
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