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Have you seen a truly gifted singer basking in poverty? Do you know of any inspiring public speaker who keeps people on their feet after speeches but struggles to keep peanuts in his bank accounts? I guess you would have seen an amazing preacher but with very little to show for the hours invested in studying and researching! What about that child with some special gifts in the house of some parents who cannot afford to send him to school? With all of these pictures, I can’t but ask, ‘why are talented people frustrated?’
I have seen and have met with a number of talented people whose gifts really need no advertisement for the world to know that they are very good but these same people are also very frustrated! A lot of them wonder why things are not working and why people will not just recognize them for their gifts. Some people get out with a lot of excitement only to realize that you are in a world where people don’t just throw their doors open because you have some talents in you!
I remember starting out a few years back and so many people around me did not hesitate to acknowledge the talents in me and how well I was going about the things I had chosen to do in life. I got some accolades from a few people and I have noticed that a lot of talented people get so many accolades from people but the other side is that they just might be surrounded by frustrated and helpless people as well?
Have you ever been in a room with someone is supposedly a very successful person at what he or she does only for you to realize that you can do a lot better than what that person is doing? Sometimes you may have even started out on a professional ground with your talents but you always see people who don’t seem as talented as you are but they appear to be more productive in every way. I should quickly say that you must never make the mistake of envying that other person who seems more successful unnecessarily! Wisdom demands that you take such people as friends in order to find out what they are doing so well that you may not be doing so well apart from just having the talent!
I have discovered a few things and have also begun to work out modalities to ensure that I am never frustrated as a result of my talents! I have also been in a situation where I really like to help some helpless but talented people and I just could not help at that moment so I would like to talk about some of the things I found out which talented people can make use of in order to reduce or completely eradicate their frustrations.
Some of the things you have to deal with as a talented person are:
1. Your talent has a chance to open doors to you but it will never be automatic.
2. Every talented person will always go through that phase when you are not recognized!
3. When you stay faithful to your talent (as a faithful wife sticks to her husband) then your talent will yield the dividend of your faithfulness for you!
There are a number of secrets I will like to share but it will be one step at a time and I urge you to follow through this line of thoughts as I present them to you from the pot of wisdom.
I recognize and duly affirm that the talent in you was not given to you in order to frustrate you. That talent in you is a seed planted by your creator. The intention when the seed of talent was planted in you was that:
1. You will discover the talent,
2. Develop the talent,
3. Maximise the talent,
4. Then the talent will pay you back by putting food on your table and also giving you a chance to be a blessing to other people around you!
Remember, your talent was no meant to frustrate you so, stick with it!
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