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Have you seen people who are extremely talented but they are broke, busted and disgusted? When I was pondering on this issue I remembered one wise man referred to in the Bible who, through his wisdom, delivered the city but at the end of the day had nothing to show for such a feat! On the other hand, I also remembered the story of some spies who went to a city that God had told them he would give to them. A woman in the city was wise enough to accommodate them and help them escape before anyone could catch them in her house. If you know the story you will remember that the woman struck a deal before helping the spies to escape. She wanted her household protected in return for the risk she had taken to protect them since she knew they were coming for a battle they would win.
I started this piece with those different stories from the Bible to help you see a picture that most talented and frustrated people do not see very often. You will notice that the man who delivered the city through his wisdom actually gave his freedom freely to the society with negotiating anything in return either for the moment or for the future. As for the other woman, she took a risk of protecting prospective enemies who also dared to get into the city and spy but was wise enough to negotiate with the people for whom she was taking the risk!
You need to understand that you will need your talent in order to secure certain things in life either for the moment or for the future but many people just want to jump at offers without careful consideration only to find out that they had been cheated!
If you have a special talent that you think is not as rewarding as you expect it to be then I should suggest the following to you:
1. Always give expression to your talent.
2. Get some mentoring in line with developing your talents
3. Convert your talents into products you can sell or services that you can render.
4. Never let anyone intimidate you. They may be better at the moment but you will also get better.
5. You will always need to be patient because nothing works like magic!
6. There is a seed time and harvest time for talents – a time when you do a lot and probably never get anything in return and there is a time when you do very little but so much comes in for it!
7. You have to learn how to create a brand from your talent because everyone likes what is properly packed.
8. Never jump at people offering you opportunities. Only very few of them truly have opportunities to offer!
9. If God gave you a talent, you will always need His help with using it effectively.
10. You must always think about how you can transfer your skills to others – empower other people
11. Find the right market for your talent! Your talent is a product or service which can only be sold in some strategic places. Find yours!
The weight of the points listed above are hiding behind the simplicity of the points so it may be easy for some to miss the key issues but if you have a talent, you have to rethink what you are doing now and why you seem to be frustrated. You can live life without frustrations despite your talents and the efforts put into making things work! You will always need wisdom plus your talent. You will always need understanding plus your talent. You will always need patience plus your talent. With these, you can reduce the frustration that comes with your talent!
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