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In these days when so many people are always looking for instant success, it may not be so surprising to see a lot of people backing out too soon after embarking on a project. Some people start developing their skills and they want to put it to use but after one or two events and nothing happens, they want to back out. I see people who say they have been on something for months and as far as they are concerned, things should have turned around drastically.
Why back out so soon? Are you looking for instant success or something that will last long? If you are looking for instant success then you can easily back out of anything that is not working but if you want lasting success, you must stay and work at it for a while.
Some people look at me today and envy my little success. They admire how so many, as far as they are concerned, seem to celebrate me and the attention I now enjoy in some places. To them, that has come so easily for me especially because I am still young. Each time I see such things or hear an undertone of someone wishing to be like me, I am quick to remember the fact that nothing has happened instantly for me.
You also need to know that nothing will happen instantly for anyone. You can start something today and expect that it will be a huge success tomorrow. I have tried my hands on so many things that did not work. I did not decide to quit just because those things did not work. I kept looking for the right ways to do them.
I have been speaking since I was really young. I was involved in a lot of church debates from about the age of ten. I can confidently say that I have been involved in Public Speaking for almost twenty years. So when you hear me speak today, you are hearing the product of several refined phases. I didn’t get a chance to be on television until around 2007 and early 2008 despite the fact that I have been speaking for a while. And since then it has become so cheap for me to get on television or radio.
My first book did not materialize until 2005. My second and third books came in three years later. I have been writing consistently since I was a teenager and blogging since 2007. So it amuses me when people start something today and are already talking about the huge results meant for those who have already paid their dues.
This is not to say that what you start today will not work today. It will and it should work but the real results may not come in immediately. For some it may take months or even years for others. You can’t back out too soon.
There are those who start one business today and are so excited about it. When you see them the next time they are already in another business. They stay in that for a while and two years down the line they are in something totally different from what they used to do.
Please go and check the history of successful people that we know all around the world today. I am yet to find one that is always jumping in and out of different things. You need the staying power if you will ever succeed at what you do. If you do not have the staying power then you can’t be envying those who have been there for a while.
You should note that what determines your success is not necessarily how long you have been at it. While the time may count, the more important thing is the strategy you are engaging. With this, someone may achieve something in seventeen years and you may get it done in five years. To do that, you would have read widely and consulted so many people to learn from their failures and to build your own enterprise faster. This does not take away the fact that whatever you are doing needs time.
You have to pay your dues and you need to be tested through patience. If your patience has not been tested then you can’t expect instant success. Stay and persevere – keep going despite the hardship or discouragement – in order to succeed.

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