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No matter how simple or big the vision may be, you definitely need a vision in life. You should not go through this world without a vision. The best description for the person going through this world without a vision is that of the snake passing by on the rock without any mark. You weren’t born to pass through this world without a mark.
When you were born, you were born with a finger that has prints all over it. With the finger print, we can uniquely identify you. That’s the same way you are supposed to have a unique vision that will stand you out from the crowd. Without a vision, we may never know who you really are or what’s deposited in you.
We have been told that we need a vision in life. Sometimes some people don’t understand why they need a vision and because of that, it hasn’t been a burden to them. They don’t think there is a big deal about not having a vision but it’s a big deal.  Consequently, these are some of the reasons you need a vision:

  1. Fulfill your purpose in life – Your purpose is your assignment in life and you certainly need a vision in order to fulfill that purpose. Every man has been born for a purpose and if you were born for a purpose then it means there is a vision that you must conceive and pursue until you execute it. A vision can be a bigger picture than you purpose and your purpose (or assignment) simply shows your own role in bringing that vision to pass. When you discover what you came to this earth to do, you will have to either receive or craft a vision that helps you accomplish that assignment so you will always need a vision.


  1. Become a co-creator with God – There are many things that God didn’t create when he finished creating the heaven and earth. He simply left human beings with the resources to create all those other things that needed to be created. What it therefore means is that what will be created right now is only limited to the imagination of man! What can be created is to be determined by the vision you now have. That’s because God wants us to co-create with him but if you don’t have a vision, you can’t be a co-creator with God. To be a co-creator, you need the capacity to envision beyond the natural human mind. You need the capacity to envision and believe that what you are seeing, which seems impossible, can become a reality so long as your mind can conceive it.


  1. Avoid destruction – You need a vision to avoid destruction or perishing because the Bible in Proverbs 29:18 says, ‘where there is no vision, the people perish…’ While I understand that the vision here also means revelation in some other translations of the scripture, you should also bear in mind that revelation is a vehicle through which vision is delivered. So even if it is spiritual revelation that the Bible refers to here, it will therefore imply that if there is no revelation, the people can’t receive a vision and when they can’t receive any vision, they will perish. Why will lack of vision or revelation cause people to perish? It is simple. Take for example if human beings refuse to invent drugs as God has given us the wisdom to, what do you think will happen to many people in the world today? People will just be walking on the street and will be dropping dead. If God gave us wisdom to produce sweat shirts or winter coats for extremely cold regions and we don’t invent them, many people will just be dying of cold. Beyond the physical perishing, there is also the perishing spiritually of one’s destiny being buried for lack of vision.


  1. Understand the path you should take in life – Through a vision is a man guided through life. If you want to be directed by God, it happens through vision. If you want to know the path you should take in life, you need a vision. A vision is a roadmap and it keeps telling you where to go. So without a vision (the roadmap for your life), you don’t know where to go. You are lost in life and even if people where to help you, it will be difficult for them to help you. If you are driving and suddenly miss your way, for passersby to help you they need to know your destination. If you don’t know your destination and can’t tell them, how will they help you? When you are lost in life it is your vision that brings you back to the right path. Think of map online. When you turn on the location button on your device, it identifies where you are. For you to progress, you then proceed to tell the map your destination and it begins to guide you. So without knowing your destination you remain stagnant in life.


  1. Partake in the execution of God’s agenda on earth – God has an agenda on this earth and the way his achieves that is by giving visions to people. Even the Bible makes us understand there is a God who rules in the affairs of men. Every divinely orchestrated vision and process is a pointed to God’s agenda here on earth. For that agenda to be executed, men must receive vision and begin to work within the context of that vision. So it means that when you are pursuing the execution of such visions, you are partaking in the execution of God’s agenda on earth. Whatever God wants to do here on earth, he uses people. He may send angels to deliver messages or cause men to act in certain ways but he will still use people to execute that agenda. The interesting path is that several people may be in this agenda together and each one is playing his own role and they will never know each other or even know that God is using them to work separately but for the purpose of one major agenda. The execution of this agenda may also transcend generations so there can be people from different generations carefully chosen to do what God has in mind. In some other cases, the agenda can be for a short period.


  1. Determine your choices and priorities in life – Anything can look important to you until you have a vision. Everything around you can look like a priority before you conceive a vision. Your choices in life may not seem significant until God opens your eyes to the vision you ought to be pursuing. When you get a vision for your life, your choice will change because you understand that some choices can hinder the fulfilment of the vision. At other times, the choices may not hinder the fulfilment of the vision but when you have achieved so much and you are now at the center stage, a choice you have made can destroy everything you have done or cost you what you want in life. That’s why it is important to get your vision early in life and begin to make choices that will help you accomplish the vision, not the choices that will hinder or destroy the vision. Your priorities, after making the right choices, will still be determined by vision. A vision will determine if you want to put reading ahead of watching television or just spend time window shopping when you don’t even need some of those things. What comes first in your life and what’s at the bottom of the list is always a reflection of what’s important to you and the vision that you carry. If you don’t have a vision, any mundane thing can be a priority but that changes as soon as you have a vision to run with.


  1. Determine most of your relationships in life – There are people in your life that you didn’t choose and there is nothing you can do about them. You simply have to learn why they are in your life and figure out what to do with them. I know that’s not comforting especially when you remember some of your difficult and painful relationships. You may be able to distance yourself from some relationships for a while but when you have blood ties that can be difficult. That’s not the relationship I am focusing on here. You have to note that once you receive a vision, your circle of friends must be able to understand the vision and encourage you to achieve the vision or you look for another circle of friends. You have to choose people who can handle visions. Vision can help you determine the relationships in which you have a choice. When you are making a decision regarding whom to spend the rest of your life with, that’s one decision you have to make based on vision. That’s because you will spend the rest of your life with that person and your decision will affect their lives. Their decisions will affect your life as well so you can’t afford to choose or agree to be with someone who can fit into your vision or someone whose vision does not align with yours. As much as possible, you have to be meticulous about choosing your relationships based on the visions in your heart.


  1. Vision helps you make impact in people’s lives – You will be able to turn the lives of other people around through a vision. It is through a vision that you will be able to make an impact. When you don’t have a vision, you can’t impact the lives of other people positively so you need a vision in order to transform the lives of other people. Many of us have our lives transformed today because of the vision of some people. Some people in the world today have the vision of free education and many people are becoming educated because of their vision despite being born into poor families. The vision of putting a computer in every home is what has allowed Bill Gates make impact in lives of more than half the people in the world if not all. We will in countries today where there are individuals whose daily activities are making impact in our lives. If there were no visions in their hearts, they wouldn’t have been able to impact us. Someone’s vision of climate change is making him to invent cars that don’t run of fuel anymore. Some people are inventing driverless cars. Whatever your vision is, it has the capacity to impact the lives of people around you and the good part is that it will be a positive impact and you must make that.


  1. Make this world a better place – Vision is how we generally make this world a better place. When you receive a vision and pursue it, you don’t leave this world the same way you met it. The inventors of laptops have made this world a better place. The inventors of tablets have made it even better. The inventors of smart phones made it a lot simpler. So we have gone past the days when you had to visit someone at home only to discover the person wasn’t home. There were days when you could travel several kilometers before finding out your host also travelled. Right now, a simple phone call has taken that stress of. Your phone is no longer for calls and messages today. You can now buy anything you want through a phone. You place the order and also pay on the phone. Before you blink, whatever you ordered has been delivered without leaving where you are. We are now in a world where you can move money around by pressing a few buttons or swiping on the screen of a device. If you’re going out, your phone can tell you which routes to avoid and the ones to take because of traffic. All these innovations and inventions are the visions of some people that have made our world a better place. You also need a vision which will be the solution to man’s problems. As you create visions that are solving man’s problems, you are certainly making the world a better place.


  1. To cause a transformation in your life – You can’t make this world a better place and remain the same. Nobody solves the problem of humanity and remains the same. As you begin to use visions to solve the problems of humanity, you become a better person. Your life will also be transformed both physically and financially. As Bill Gates rigorously pursued the vision to put a computer in every home, his net worth began to increase. As Mark Zuckerberg worked assiduously on bringing the world together from one website, his net worth began to increase. Nelson Mandela persistently followed the cause to free South Africa and as he did, his influence grew not only within the African continent but around the world. That’s why the world stood still and several Presidents from around the world abandoned their schedules to honour him when he was to be buried. While the personl blessing from the vision should not be your priority, you can be so sure that if you have a vision that is transforming the world and impacting people’s lives positively, that vision will also change your own life. Therefore, if you want a transformation in your life, you may need to start with the visions you may have abandoned for a while.


  1. Your vision will immortalize you when you’re gone – Many people are gone today. They are no longer in this world and some of them died several years before now but we will always remember them. Some people died nearly a century ago. Some people even died well over two centuries ago but we will remember them today because their visions can’t be forgotten. When you eventually pass on after living to a good old age, the vision you pursued here on earth is what will determine whether you will be remembered or not. There are countries today whose history cannot be written without mentioning the names of some people. As vast as this world is, we can’t write a brief story about this world and still leave out the names of some people. Some of them lived a short live and some of them lived long. That’s to tell you your impact after your exit will not be determined by age but by results. We will not remember you for what you acquired but impact that your visions made so a vision will immortalize you.

Having read all the things listed above, I believe you now understand why you need a vision and should immediately start working on a vision. What is the vision of your life? What are you going to spend the rest of your life doing? How will you be described when you are gone? Please get a vision now and begin to pursue it.

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