Why do you sleep and still wake up tired? │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Like so many other people who live in very busy cities of different countries around the world, they go to bed at night with the intention to rest but they still wake up the following morning feeling so tired! Have you ever stopped to ponder on why you go to bed to sleep for more than 4 or 5 hours and you still wake up tired?
For so many of us we need to look at the activities that come before our night rest and until we begin to review those activities we will never be able to tell why we go to bed for more than 4 or 5 hours and still feel tired when we get up! So many people have deadlines to hit and they know that their jobs might be tied to meeting those deadlines and unconsciously we have those deadlines in our heads when we go to bed! We still think we have rested and that we have forgotten about every other thing while sleeping but truth be told, something people have taken the office issues into their subconscious and they still have it popping up while they are sleeping so you will not be surprised if you wake them up and the first thing they are talking about is the deadline!
We also have those who seem to be in some form of financial crisis. It could be that they do not know where the next meal is going to come from or they do not know where the next rent is going to come from. Some people are thinking so hard about getting the next business because they live on every business they get to pay their bills and they have dependants who live with them. There are those who run their own businesses and they have to constantly think about getting new clients and securing deals to keep the company going. When we take a look at everything we do on a daily basis in order to keep things running, we will realize that in one way or the other, we are compromising our health! Many people have to drive long hours on daily basis just to get to their places of work and they will still work for long hours and then drive long hours back to their houses! The more serious part of all these is that some people also skip meals just because they are busy. Some people just manage to eat junks and they keep working!
You cannot expect to replenish all that you are losing in just 5 hours per night! We drive ourselves so hard and still worry so much about all the things we could not fix! We still worry about money and new clients or deals so all of these things barely give us enough time to rest and when we even go to bed, we only allow our bodies to rest but our minds never rest! That’s the major issue! We go to bed to rest our bodies but never rest our minds! When we want to have a wonderful rest as we often wish ourselves, it is important to rest both the body and the mind because that is the only way to rest properly!
You don’t have to kill yourself over what you cannot fix and you should not kill yourself because of what has not been done! You can simply avoid sleeping and still waking up tired by resting both body and mind! When you fail to do this then you are drawing very close to your grave faster than you can ever imagine! Please rest or you will be laid to rest!
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