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I got talking with a friend yesterday and it was a really long conversation about why things seem to happen so quickly for some and it just seems to take donkey years before it happens for others. People who have clung to values like chastity, moral uprightness or integrity and are passionately working on the skills they have seem not to have anything forth coming for them? Somewhere in the conversation I began to remember the stories of some people who have succeeded and how they used to be in some very funny situations. I have heard stories of people who did not in any way look promising but after a long time of persistently working on their dreams and aspirations, things began to work out for them.
My dear, I understand you just might be in a situation where you have been doing so much but so little seems to be coming back in and you are trying everything you know how to do. You have made up your mind never to do what every other person is doing illegally to make money and you have also decided you will never sell out your soul or virginity in order to make money or just live a comfortable life. In some other cases you are expected to compromise standards in things that have nothing to do with your body but you have decided to do none of such and it still looks like success is not forth coming.
I don’t know how long you have been waiting for things to turn around differently for you but I dare say that your waiting is worth it even though its really hard to wait. When you suddenly give up and begin to try everything that others are illegitimately trying, you would have destroyed the rewards gradually building up from all your waiting period. Sometimes when people make up their minds to throw caution into the wind, they never know that they have been so close to the success breaking point.
You should never give up the right values you are holding unto just because you want quick results or because success seems far away. You only need to understand that whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well and for you to do things well, you must have a waiting period! when you sow a seed you always wait for the seed to germinate! What you have to do is to water the seed while you wait but you have no absolute control on the seed when its in the ground. You should also know that in real life your actions are seeds and you must water them with your faith and confessions until it your seeds begin to germinate!
Success is never truly far away from those who are doing it right when the results come, they sit and enjoy it! When others go about it the crude way, you may not know about their secret tears or groaning as a result of the short cuts they have taken. Keep your head straight and follow your dream! Believe in yourself and let God help you in the waiting process for success! Your waiting is worth it because true success is never really far away and when it comes you will have peace with it!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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