Why employees have more degrees than business owners – Fola Daniel Adelesi

There will always be reasons for people to go back to school to get more degrees hoping to be able to get by in life after obtaining the degrees. Often times they get a little more disappointed than they were before they went for the degree because the realization of the fact that the degree often times is not the problem can be very devastating. They keep getting degrees to be able to work for some people who keep making money without bothering about their personal degrees. I will want to pose a challenge to you through a simple question but I will not want you to misunderstand the question. Do you think that most business owners all around the world have more degrees than their employees?
You may need to do a quick survey to answer that question but don’t go too far because I can help you. Dr. David Oyedepo is a man who has only one degree in architecture and obviously his title as a doctor is not the type that people obtained after doing a Ph.D programme. It was honorary doctorate degree because he never even went to a theological seminary. If he went there we could have said he got the Ph. D as a result of having done a lot of study in theological issues. Despite the fact that this great man has only one degree, he has several professors answering to him not probably because he is more intelligent than the professors but because he has a vision that those professors do not have. I know of several people who dropped their degree certifications to work with this man not because he has more degree but because he has a vision.
Most people have said again and again that Bill Gates didn’t finish from college but some of the things we need to focus on include how many college graduates and professors he is feeding today. During the acclaimed world economic downturn I read in the news that Microsoft, Bill’s company was going to lay off 5, 000 workers. If a company is going to lay off 5, 000 workers then the questions should be “how many people are under his direct employment?” What people started with was that he is a man who didn’t finish school but today he is paying several professors to search the cure for aids and this same man was said to have single handedly donated one billion dollars to the United Nations. If a man has donated one billion dollars to a body of nations where 192 countries are registered as at 2009, it simply means because of a vision, not a degree, he became rich enough to give money to 192 countries through a body.
Do not for any reason misinterpret what I am saying because this is not to say that the degree is not important. I have a university degree and as I write this article I have close to 20 certificates in my office from different trainings, conferences and seminars that I have attended. Go all out for the degree but don’t burn out because of the degree. I can emphatically ask you not to burn out because of the degree because no matter how many of the degrees you have you will still look for someone who has a vision and until the person with a vision has gone through your degree certification you will not be relevant and may not be able to make a living. That means more than half of the educated people are burning out to make themselves look presentable to some few people who have a vision. Do you have a degree only or it is couple with a vision?
Oral Roberts was an illiterate but he built a Christian university by vision, not degree!

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