Why goals fail 2 | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

  1. Generalization of goals

When setting your goals, you should never generalize the goals. It is the same as setting vague goals. When someone says, ‘I am going to be great,’ that’s a goal but it is generalized. You can’t say I will become a wonderful speaker or that you will be a very prosperous business man. If you choose to be great, what are you going to great at? Will it be football, basketball, business or career? When you decide to be a speaker, what will you be speaking on? How will you reach out to your audience in order to engage them and rise to great influence? Goals have to be specific.

  1. Setting unrealistic goals

When you set unrealistic goals then you have turned them to wishes. Wishes are different from goals. What then is an unrealistic goal? If you get into an academic system for example as a lecturer with a masters’ degree, it will be unrealistic to think about becoming the Vice Chancellor within five years. That’s unrealistic. You should be setting goals on getting your doctorate and writing several papers to be published. If you want a realistic goal, look at where you are and see the steps to be taken. Setting a realistic goal does not mean you will not stretch yourself. It just means you will not stretch yourself to the point of having to steal or do other dirty things to hit a goal. Its unrealistic for a Fresh graduate, whose father is not rich, to think about starting a fresh job, buy a car, build or buy a house and still keep millions in the bank all in the same year. Take it easy but stretch a little and be consistent.

  1. Clarity on the goals

Sometimes when you adopt goals, the issue of clarity can be a big deal. The goals will not be clear to you and you will not be able to run with it. I have seen several people who have goals and projects but they can’t explain them. This is also the reason you should not create goals hastily. The goals must be clear, first to you, before you can expect anyone to help you achieve the goals. You should be able to answer why you chose those set of goals. There must be something that those goals help you become. After hitting those goals, what will you derive from them and how do they help you achieve your vision? A clear goal is easier to achieve.

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