Why goals fail 3 | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

  1. Lack of planning with the goals

Once you create a goal, that will have to come into all the plans you are making. You cannot create goals and be planning outside the goals. For example, when I create some goals and I am looking forward to getting paid for some services, my goals form part of the plan for the money I am expecting. When I want to choose a place to live in, my goals will come into the picture. If you want to choose a job or a spouse, you should have your goals coming to play. Don’t plan without adding your goals to the plan. You will not be able to achieve that goal. Some people have goals to own their houses but haven’t be able to do that for years. Why do they keep missing the goal to own a house? The reason is that they earn every month but they plan how to spend the money without bring the goal to own a house into it. So make every plan with your goal in the picture.

  1. Meditation on the goals

Don’t write your goals and leave the goals on paper. When you have written your goals, it is important to meditate on those goals in order to achieve them. Sometimes, clarity for the goals will only come while meditating on the goals. That’s when you get ideas for how to achieve the goals. Names will pop up in your head that you can talk to in order to bit the goals. This is not the same as worrying about the possibility of the goals. When you meditate, it is to crystallize thoughts and to get solutions. This will help you move forward in life. When you can, it may be necessary to separate yourself and spend quality time alone with your goals. This way, the goals enter your spirit and don’t stay in your head or on a paper. A goal in the spirit of a man will always be more powerful than the goals in your head or on paper.

  1. Discipline – morals, financial, procrastination

Discipline will always pop up among the reasons people fail to hit their goals. There should be moral and financial discipline to hit any goal. You also must be disciplined with time to hit goals. If you are not morally disciplined, every other thing may be going well

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