Why goals fail 4 | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

  1. Collaboration

Collaboration seems strange to many people but that’s how a lot of goals become achieved. When you see successful people, as they are setting their goals, they put names in front of those goals. Those names are those who can help them achieve the goals or those who can show insights on achieving the goals. When you create goals, you should note that you can’t achieve the goals alone. Who are the people you have to talk to or work with to achieve these goals? Trust me, people know people. To build a business, you should have names of lawyers, accounts or consultants who can help make the business a reality. You can write names of marketers or financial consultants who can help raise funds. This should have in your life. Someone needs to give you a recommendation or make way for you. If you don’t put people’s names in front of your goals so that you can collaborate with them, you may struggle for a long time and still not achieve anything. Technically, these people you will call your collaborators are like your support team. Bear in mind they don’t owe you anything. If they choose not to help, please talk to some other people. When they drag you down or just seem to slow, you can move on with other people. Don’t slow down except to review or reassess your plans.

  1. Taking responsibility

How can you create a goal and not take responsibility for the goal? Or maybe you are wondering what it means to take responsibility for a goal.  To take responsibility for a goal means to show what role you will play for the goal to become a reality. If you are a student and you want to make good grades, you have to show how you will read daily, attend lectures, buy materials, do assignments and sit for the exams. You can’t hope for a miracle where the examiner will put double question marks on your answer script and the person recording the score will assume he or she is seeing 77. No, that’s not how to get good grades.
If you want to build a business empire, dream and enjoy the dream but wake up to work hard on those dreams. Don’t say it looks like that young man is getting into some shady deals to expand his business while all you do is sit and do nothing. Have you seen people who open a store or small shop and those stores remain the same for over 30 years? They have no dreams or ambitions. They just open a store and sit there daily while hoping some miracles will happen. Plan on how to expand your business and work at it.

  1. Mentoring

With mentoring, you can make things happen quickly. There are things that should happen in five years but mentoring can reduce that to five months. Mentoring is so strategic that it might be the only reason you are hitting your goals quickly and maybe easily. Don’t forget that mentors should be people who have gone ahead of you. They know what you are getting into and can tell you what you can do differently. When you show them a plan, from their experience, they might be able to tell you what will work and what will not work.
In the Bible, there was a gentle man called Moses who had found himself in the position of a leader over millions of people. He wanted to sit daily and judge all these people. It took the intervention of his mentor for him to see how stupid that was. Jethro, who was also his father in law said he was going to kill himself and wear people out. He taught Moses delegation strategies. From a simple advice, Moses learnt how to trust other people, empower them, delegate responsibilities to them and have a lot of time to achieve more in life.
One day, I sat with one of my coaches and he was talking to me about skills and marketing. He drew a large circle and divided the circle by percentages. In one circle, he wrote marketing. In the other, he wrote skills. The circle for marketing had 85% while the circle for skills had 15%. Wow! I had always expected skills to be everything I needed. I thought people should pay attention to skills. Since gaining that insight, I have learnt why some people with little talents are getting big results and people with amazing talents get little results.
I am a strong advocate of talents but you need much more than talents.

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