Why goals fail 5 | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

  1. Limited knowledge and training

As you set some goals, you will see that you really need new trainings to achieve those goals. People set goals to start businesses but they have little knowledge about running any business. Please note that limited knowledge is the reason some businesses fail. That’s one of the reasons you need a mentor. A mentor will teach you things business schools can’t teach you. Keep learning and keep searching. With more knowledge and insight, goals become easier to achieve.

Kindly note that I am not saying you should get more degrees so that you can come and make things very complex in your life or organization. For some people, the only way they can prove they have a genuine masters degree, MBA or doctorate degree is to make things complex. I think that if you cannot make things simple then you don’t know them. Learn in order to simplify things, not to complicate things

  1. Lack of flexibility

When you are rigid, it can become impossible to achieve a goal. Please learn quickly that there are different ways to achieve a goal. The goal is your destination but there are different routes to that destination. Let’s say you want to get a college degree and you need to do that this year or the next year, the destination is getting the degree and the routes will be several universities around the world. If you try one don’t get admitted, you don’t have to stick to just that one. There are other universities that you can go to. There can be an exception to this if only you have some special reasons to stick to that university. If you want to marry, there are billions on men and women to choose from. If you have a goal to build a business, don’t stay rigid on how it must be built.

Sometimes, a particular plan may not work but that does not me you can’t achieve the goal. The plan is just a vehicle to get you to the goal. Your routes can change but your destination will remain the same. Lack of flexibility kills goals, dreams and visions.

Flexibility will show you that you have to be humble and learn from others. If your strategy is not working, look at what others are doing legitimately to get results. See how you can learn from it and use it to get to your goal.

  1. Not breaking the goals into small, distinct, achievable units

Take a good look at the schools around you. Take some time out, just in case you have forgotten, to see how they train kids who are just starting school. The teachers will use a lot of images to engage the minds of the young ones. After a while, the teacher goes on to sounds, letters and figures. At first, a child will learn to count from 1 – 10 and more figures will be added until the child counts to 100.

The goal is to educate the child but that can’t happen overnight! So the school breaks this goal into a curriculum that has different levels. So as you learn, you are tested and moved to the next level till you graduate. At that time, you will be able to say you are educated.

Break your goals into small, distinct and achievable units. If you want to achieve something in one year, break the goals down to show your commitments daily, weekly and monthly. To build a house, you have to break the project into different phases and work at a pace that your budget allows. Your smaller goals will include saving so you can hit the target. To buy a house, you choose something you can afford to pay for on a monthly basis, except that you are already rich and can pay at once.

When goals are broken down, they become easier to achieve. It’s just like eating. You take one slice at a time till the meal is finished. Take one slice of your goal every day until you hit that goal.

To lose weight, you have to break the goal into smaller units. A goal to lose weight will include smaller goals to work out daily and for how long you should do that. Losing weight will also include goals to change your diet and a few other habits.

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