Why goals fail 6 | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

  1. Time management skills

Timing management is critical to achieving any goal in life. You have to master the management of time in order to hit your goals. You already know that some goals are for a short-term and other will be mid-term or long-term goals. If you don’t manage time well, you will not even be able to meet those long-term goals, even if you had twenty years to plan.
So many people can manage time not because they have so many important things to do. They really spend their time doing too many irrelevant things. Some others can’t manage simple simply because they don’t know which tasks to take on. It’s not everything you should take on. If you don’t take on every task, your time should be better managed.
When you don’t do things at the right time, you will always have a backlog of tasks to complete and you end up needing more time. After a while, you will realize that you never hit goals. I have learnt a lot from Pastor Sam Adeyemi and one of them is about prioritizing task. He taught us a lot about effective time management. Some of my vital lessons from him include having to categorize every task into three. You should have:

  1. Important tasks
  2. Urgent tasks
  3. emergency tasks

When you take your tasks while they are important, they will not become urgent. While tasks are urgent and you take care of them, they will not become emergencies. After a while, emergencies can spiral into crisis when not handled well. As a matter of fact, every task you allow to get to the level of emergency can get out of control.

  1. Lack of order or organization

Some people are just too disorganized. They throw things around all the time. When they eventually need those things they are throwing around, they will waste so much time looking for what could have been kept in a place neatly. If you can add more order to your life and activity, you will save a lot of time and hit more goals. Why scatter everything and starting waiting for a special day when you will spend hours rearranging? If you are diligent enough to keep things in order, you will not spend too much time reorganizing things.
Put some order in your personal life. Let there be some order in the house. Don’t just run a business without putting order in place. Without order, you don’t know where you are and it will be difficult to move forward in life. Your life will be stress free if you can keep things organized. So long as things are not organized, hitting any goal might be a bit difficult.

  1. Inability to prioritize

When you have things to do, you should be able to tell which one should come first. Sort  things according to their order of importance. When you do that, take the first task and face it.
May be to help you a little more, take a pen and paper whenever you need to hit some goals. Write the numbers 1 to 10. So if there are ten goals to hit, which one should go first? Questions like ‘what will go wrong if this task is not attended to immediately?’ will determine how you prioritize.
In order to prioritize effectively, have a bigger picture in mind. Let’s say you want to make a first class when graduating as a student, you know that you have to read. When you are in school, there will be social activities and some of them will look important. Your friends will even tell you how those kind of activities come up once in a lifetime and you have to be a part of it. You have to decide if the social activity is your priority or reading in order to make a first class.
When you live in a rented apartment and you are planning to build or buy a house, you know what your priority should be. You’re supposed to prioritize saving towards your new house. While you are working on this, a new car will be pushed into the markets. New cloths will be found in the stores. There will be new exciting places for vacation. Over the years, when discussions like this come up, people start an argument about how the money you will use for a car will always be different from the money that will build or buy you a house. I laugh when I hear that because its usually the argument that justifies either lack of priority or misplaced priority. With that argument, some people never achieve what they are supposed to achieve in life. For others, the spend ten years or more achieving something they could have done in a year or two. Don’t let people deceive you or just your pursuit of goals that can wait. Please pursue today the goals that will give you permanent satisfaction and let the goals with temporary satisfaction come later.

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