Why goals fail 7 | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

  1. Instant gratification

The issue of priority just ties into instant gratification. There are too many dreams being killed by instant gratification. People embark on a project, make a little money and can’t think about putting the money back into the project. Someone takes a loan to start a business and starts taking vacation abroad when the business hasn’t even stabilized. This kind of entrepreneur also looks for business class seats or even fly first class from business loans. Even if the money is not business loans, you should be frugal to stay afloat. You must delay personal rewards for your goals to be met. If you can’t delay then you will enjoy and after a while, you can’t hit the goal. Once you can’t hit your goal, you may return to ‘square one.’ Then you start suffering all over and looking for help. Your business can hit the goal of becoming an empire if only you delay gratification. Whatever your goal is, you should not never be in a hurry to suck the honey from the rewards you are getting until you have driven the final nail into the wood.

  1. Underrating the ease of achieving a goal.

Some goals will look very easy. You will think they are things that don’t require much. The goals will appear easy because you know some people you think you can call to get things done. When you underrate how easy it will be to achieve a goal,it might take you many more years to get it done. In some cases, the goals may never be met. Sometimes, it is because people underrate how easy it ought to be to bit a goal that they leave things until last minute. Whenever you create a goal, pursue that goal with every energy that you have. Do not think it should be easy and you don’t need to stress yourself over the goal. Some people thought success would come easy to them and that’s why they are still struggling with something their mates did five years ago. Others are still battling with something their mates accomplished ten years ago. If you have a goal, charge towards the goal daily and make it look that it just might be your last opportunity to fix things.

  1. Inability to delegate

There will be too many things you need to do and if you don’t want to fail, you must learn to delegate. Trust is the reason some others can’t delegate but to hit some goals, you have to trust people and delegate to them. Some others need to be trained and you can delegate to them after training them. If you refuse to trust or train people you can delegate to, you will remain preoccupied with things you should have left behind a long time ago. When you delegate,you can move on to other things and move fast in getting them done. This is how people build structures, organizations and empires. You should get to a level where you don’t do everything yourself.

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