Why goals fail 8 | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

  1. Stinginess or unwillingness to spend

If you are stingy you will not want to spend money to see your goals become a reality. Eventually, the person you are denying some funds will move on but your goals remain stagnant. Do you want to get things done? If you really want to get things done then you should prioritize and from the list, identify the things that no one can do on your behalf. Mark those other things that you can pay someone else to do while you are busy handling the things you can’t delegate or pay for.
In management, you will be told to outsource. Stingy people don’t like to outsource responsibilities because they don’t want to spend money. When smart people outsource, they bear in mind the fact that they can save time and eventually make more money while hitting their goals. So it is not smart to be tight-fisted at the expense of your goals or visions.

  1. Perseverance

If you give up too easily you certainly will not hit any goal. You should develop a thick skin for challenges. Don’t expect that you will set goals and you will achieve them so easily. Sometimes, your body will demand more rest than you need. The goals may demand more resources than you budgeted. There may be obstacles on the way. You should not expect a smooth ride. I know people who have stayed with a goal for several years before hitting the goal. It’s not because they are not smart or don’t know what to do. Sometimes things just don’t work as fast as we want them to. You just must learn how to persevere.
When I am talking about perseverance, it is not the nonchalant attitude of some people that I am talking about. I am not talking about those who are not hungry for growth and can stay with something when it is working and when it is not. I am talking about the challenges that may want to discourage you. Behind those challenges are the results you want but you have to be standing when the challenges are long gone if you will hit those goals.
Don’t start a business today and close it down in six months because you haven’t hit it big as you thought you could in two months. Don’t judge your performance or productivity based on celebrity stories. You hear about how some people make it overnight and you wonder why you can get things done. You decide to quit and also lose the rewards of all your input so far. Persevere. Stay with your goals and make them work. Change whatever needs to be changed but don’t give up on your goals.

  1. Not eliminating distractions

There will always be distractions. Distractions will not let you hit your goals only when you refuse to shut them out of your world. You can’t claim to be studying hard for an exam while you are in front of the television watching your favorite TV soap. Your environment in some cases might be the distraction. The distraction might be people around you who will never allow you concentrate. They always want you to be with them and pay attention while you should be doing other things.
To hit any goal, you must go away from all distractions. Until distractions are taking care of, you will keep talking about the goals and never hit them.

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