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Raising business funds to start businesses in so many parts of the world remains a challenge till date. There are several reasons one can give as to why it is a bit difficult for some and why it may be so difficult for others. In all honesty, there are businesses that should be able to raise funds easily if only they have things properly put in place. I am not saying that all you need to do to raise funds is just to know all the strategies because there may be other things but when you don’t have your own documents and ideas in place, there may be issues. On this note, I will attempt to raise some of the reasons it may be hard for some people to get the business funds they are looking for.
I think that one thing everyone who has an idea must be willing to do is to be ready to write. If you are not ready to write or even pay for the writing then you are joking in this present day as regards fund raising for business. If you are going to raise funds, people don’t just want to listen to your nice ideas without having them written down. I have met a number of young people who say they are trying to raise funds for their businesses but the only problem is writing. Sometimes I begin to wonder why the problem is writing when you have spent about 6 years or so in high school and about 2 to 4 years in college. Why should writing down your thoughts be a problem? Although I admit that there is a fundamental challenge with the school system in some countries which accounts for why people are graduates and they cannot write anything or write well. The other part to it is that you cannot blame the school system for your inability to write. You are the one paying and when the school is not giving you what you want you either ask for it or go to a school that can give you what you want.
You need to hear the very nice ideas some people have. They sound so brilliant and they seem to know what they are doing but the moment you ask them to bring the documents to back up what they have said, they get into trouble. If you have difficulties writing I think that it should not be a problem in these present days. There are some people who have gone through what you are about to go through and have decided to help those coming behind them. Those people have created templates and some of those templates are available online. One of the things you can do is to download maybe a business plan or business proposal template that will guide you in the writing that you need to do.
Writing is not an option when it comes to ideas or seeking funds. Another thing you can do is to speak with a consultant like Fola Daniel Adelesi or Edible Pen that will be able to clearly help you document your thoughts in such a way that it will carry all your ideas and offer something juicy to the person receiving the proposal. If you think you do not have the money to ask a consultant to write for you, then you may want to start the writing yourself and ask a friend to take a look and help you rework until you have something good to present.
Some people will keep looking for money to start their businesses not because there is no one to help but that they are too lazy to document their ideas. You should also note that it is to your advantage to document your ideas. If you don’t document your ideas and they are stolen or imitated by the people you have been sharing them with, there is no way you will prove that the idea is yours or that you started it. So you have to learn to write, put dates on those documents you are writing and also indicate the copyright owner of the thoughts.
In business proposition, writing is a must. If you think you need help them I suggest you probably take a writing instructor to help you or go for a short business writing course. Start writing!
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