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It really can be very disheartening to think that you have spent so much time trying to put something together and by the time your proposition gets to the prospective sponsor or partner, they think that you really have not done much or that your proposal is not convincing enough. Why does it appear as though people sound very passionate yet they do not have convincing proposals? It is really a simple thing. You cannot think that your proposition will just fly on the wings of passion. Propositions are a lot more about persuasion and that is what you must strive to do when proposing. You also need to know that these kind of persuasion is not just about using nice colourful words that present you as a good romantic or creative writer. We are talking about persuading with details, facts, research, experience and proper projections.
Too many people write proposals that are not in anyway convincing even though they have very nice ideas when you try to hear them out. I believe that if you have sent out proposals before now and they were rejected or neglected, you can still get them approved if only you will consider those things I mentioned above and put them to use. In any business proposition, the person reading the proposal tries to understand what you are talking about and also tries to see the same light that you saw in the idea. Unfortunately, they will have to depend solely on your writing skills and the quality of proposition you are sending to them to be able to see it the way you also see it.
Let’s call these key issues in business proposition the pillars of business proposals and they are:
Details – your proposition needs to be detailed enough such that it answers all the necessary questions that any investor may want to ask. If you find someone asking you so many questions and still trying to understand your proposition, then it means it does not have the needed details. I think you also have to be wise here because some people fall victims since they do not want to give away all their ideas and they end up not adding all necessary details.
Facts – you should not be speaking out of emotions or just presenting because you are attached to the idea. We are talking about someone’s money here and they cannot afford to allow their resources go down the drain. The only way for investors to be sure they are investing rightly is for them to get verifiable facts regarding your proposition.
Research – some proposals, where applicable, will require that you do some research. If you have to do a business plan you are required to do some research because the research shows the investor that you know what you are going into. Research helps you understand your existing competition, what they are doing well or wrongly and how you can leverage on your knowledge to compete favourably and effectively. You also get to know the challenges of existing businesses when you do a research and you can find out how to deal with them.
Experience – you cannot take away your own experience. It counts in so many ways. Some people may not look at your experience if you are just starting out in business but you will do well to tell an investor if you have raised some tangible funds before and how well you managed the funds. It will also be great if the people who gave you funds before and you did not default are willing to give you a recommendation to other prospective investors or become your guarantor.
Projections or forecast – some investors or partners do not in anyway appreciate anything that does not show a long term projection. They want to see that you can sustain what you are starting. They will like to know if what you are about to do will work with or without you and how long it can run without you. Sometimes this is a big concern because of the amount of funds you may require. If you require huge amount, then more measures will be put in place by prospective investors to safeguard their funds.
I don’t think that writing a business proposition is hard. If you have difficulties writing one you can always get in touch with me to write one for you but the very important thing is how the proposition is written and what you put into it.
Write that proposal again. Send it out. Be sure it is convincing and persuasive using details, facts, research, experience and projections. I believe you can do it well so go and do just that!
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