Why it’s important to shower your children with love | Fola Daniel Adelesi

Every child needs to be loved and that seems pretty obvious but only a few children experience the real love that they need within the home that they belong to. There is a great danger in having children in homes where they’re not loved or are not receiving love. Over time, they will seek that love elsewhere and they may find something different from love.
One of the things I’ve always advocated is the fact that when parents do not show their children love, those children will look for love outside and from anyone that cares to show anything that looks like love. If a girl is coming from a home where she’s never been told she is loved, it is easier for the girl to freak out when a boy outside the home says, ‘I love you.’
Under the guise of being loved, the boy or man outside then takes advantage of your child and a lot happens even before you say jack or figure out what’s going on. This is why you cannot allow people outside your home to be the first to express love to your children or to be the only ones showing them love.
As a parent, it is important for you to take deliberate steps and carefully plans on how you will show your children love. This expression of love can take various forms as it is with adults who are in love. Regardless of the form of expression, the first and the most important with children is the affirmation of love.
You must affirm to your children that they are loved and this needs to be done all the time. With that affirmation of love to your children consistently, one major thing you’re doing is to build their self-esteem. A child who has felt loved through affirmation will not start jumping up and down just because someone else said I love you outside. This is something that freaks other people out but this child is different. Why? Love has been affirmed to this child over the years.
Beyond the words truly affirming love to this child, the next thing is how the child is treated. How you treat a child, with respect and dignity, shows that child that she is loved. When you tell a child that he or she is love and your actions don’t prove it, you are simply telling the child that he or she is not loved. Don’t just ask your child to shut up. Listen to your child. Don’t kill your child’s expression because if you do, that child will not share with you when it is important to do so. That child will look for other confidants to talk to and begin to share as well as receive either good or bad counsel. Usually, this does not turn out well because your child is going to try out what has been taught. If what was taught is bad then your child is going to try it out.
Many parents think that showering their children with love is about buying them gifts all the time. Yes, you should buy gifts and let them have some good time to play but buying gifts for children does not always mean that you love them. It could even be a means to distract them so you can get more time to yourself.
What you should do is to ensure that your children are properly love in their upbringing, your affirmation and your show of respect towards them.

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