Why my life has been meaningful – Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM

I humbly admit that my life would have been miserable if I had not discovered what I was supposed to be doing for people or with people. The loneliness would have been deadly and the frustration would have been disastrous. This reminds of the energy-sapping restlessness I used to experience as a ten year old boy in search for relevance. My yearnings were desperate and my thoughts constantly drifting away from everything that seemed to matter in the priority of others. I used to have something to be happy about but there was the need for something that brings fulfillment.
The turning was not abrupt because it came with its pains and groaning. The eyes were close to being worn out in search for the clarity of ‘living-intentionally’. The struggle to break free by breaking from ‘friend-ship’ in its limiting prospects was consuming. The energy needed for the consistency of purpose to either prove my right positioning or prove the earlier secession oscillated, sometimes too often.
In all of that, the times when you heard my rich and appealing African voice on radio, the times when you saw my unassuming face on television, the times when you saw my mind in black and white from newspapers, my own books or my blog, the times, like this one, when you are at the other end quietly receiving from my mind, the times when I got a chance to say some encouraging words to you and the times when my experiences have helped in your life have made my life meaningful.
Without what I can do for you or with you, I will be like the proverbial white elephant – so expensive but with little or no returns.

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