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During the week I got a question from a friend and I know it is a question on the mind of so many other people. I have personally asked the same question severally with no one to give me a very good answer but surprisingly, when the friend asked me the question again I immediately provided the answers I am about to share with you. The main question had to do with why people refuse to partner with those who have great ideas. I must say that I have pondered too many times on why great ideas don’t get the support they require.
I am certain that ideas alone are not enough to make people just run after you and pour all the money they have into what you do. You will need to refine your idea and package them properly. Apart from the packaging, you will also have to make on making the implementation of the idea a reality. When people see that your idea will work, they also expect you to make a move and get it to start working sometimes. When all of these are in place and it still looks like people do not want to partner with you, then some of my answers are:
1. Fear – I can tell you from my interaction with people that some are afraid to partner with other people just because of past experiences. They may not even be the ones who have had those experiences. It could just be a situation someone shared with them and it would have become a part of their mind set. For that, they will never consider partnering with people again. They just conclude that everyone can be funny and it is better to run your business on your own.
2. Lack of insight – I have also seen that it is for lack of insight that some people do not part with other people who have brilliant ideas. If they have enough insight into what you are doing and they know what it can turn out to be tomorrow, they will want to be a part of it and set aside all the minor things that look like hindrances. When some people do not partner with you, it could just be for their lack of insight and you should never allow that discourage you. Some other people will partner with you when they get insight into what you do and when they do, the ones who refused to partner with you will regret it.
3. They don’t believe in you – I have told people that they should never try to force others to be a part of what they are doing. The people who believe in you will naturally partner with you or invest in what you are doing. Rather than trying very hard to make people partner with you when you don’t even know their real mind, just look out for those who believe in you. When you are negotiating with those who believe in you, the results will come faster and with lesser efforts.
4. Greed – we cannot rule out the fact that some people have simply refused to partner because of greed. They have seen potential results and they know that when they partner with other people they will have to share the money. There are those who never want to share any profit and since they do not want to share the profit, they think that the best thing they can do is to just stay out of partnership. You have to take greed out of the way. You should know that partnership strengthens you and helps you get more result than you can imagine.
5. Trust – Trust in today’s business world is seen as a social capital and when there is no trust you cannot get anyone to partner with you. The moment people can trust you they will want to partner if you if they like your ideas. When you have all the needed things like your business ideas and plans in place, you must also make sure that your Trust Capital is in place. When there is trust, it is easier to get the capital.
I have not said that these five answers of mine are the only reasons people refuse to partner but they will always be among the major reasons people don’t want to partner with other people. Environment and culture are also issues in partnership that we cannot take out but it is determined why what environment or what culture is in view.
None of all these should discourage you! That some people do not want to partner with you does not mean you will not get anyone to partner with you. Keep working on your ideas while you also keep searching for that great partner whose input can take you to the next level.
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