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One of the most painful things in life is to see people who are already dying and their last words are filled with regrets regarding how they were not fulfilled in life or how they spent most of their lives doing the wrong things and struggling without results.
There are a number of other people who finally found out what they were supposed to be doing but they discovered so late and at the time of discovery they were close to the grave or didn’t have too much energy left to pursue all that was required! When you talk to people like this then you find them saying, ‘I wish I had started earlier. I wish I had been on this path from the beginning.’
Whenever I look at these scenes there is only one thing just comes to my mind and that’s about how people started out! Why will you start out your life without knowing why God gave you the life in the first place? Why will you buy a product that has no purpose or buy a product when you don’t know its purpose just because you have some money in your hands! When you start out without a clear understanding of why God gave you the life you now carry then you are in for a long fruitless journey!
If you are reading this and you are young then you still have a great opportunity to start out well by first of all getting to know why you were born and what you were supposed to do. Your journey in life is a lot easier and your paths will be straight when you know when you are going from inception. Is it possible for you to get out of your house and reach the main road before you decide where you are going? You will always decide where you are going from your house and it is after that you set out. Knowing where you are going makes the journey faster because you don’t take the wrong route and you are most likely going to spend less trying to get there.
For the people who have set out before knowing where they are going, it is certain they will spend more time and more resources. In some cases they will take a completely different route from where they are supposed to be going and in other cases they might just run past their destination since they never really knew the destination from the beginning.
There are so many people who just pick their cars and start driving to destinations they don’t know. There are two things that can happen in such cases. You can miss the road or spend a long time getting there. If you are to get there spending more time, you will have to keep asking questions from people around and the way to miss it is to never ask a question. In life, we are like drivers who have set out on a journey as sent by God. There is so much waiting for us where God has sent us to and He is also willing to give us direction only if, like drivers in real life, we keep asking him about the roads and which direction to take! People miss it in life for these reasons:
1. They start out in life not know who they are
2. They do not know why they were born
3. They do not know what they were supposed to be doing
4. They have gifts but cannot see the potentials or do not believe well enough in it
5. They know their gifts and potentials but are afraid to start out.
6. So many other people are waiting for the perfect timing to do the right thing so they spend a lot of time in the wrong zone and wasting away. They have forgotten that he who observes the wind will not sow.
You must not let these keep you on the backside of life and here are some things you should do:
1. Don’t start out without setting your destination
2. When you set out you must keep seeking direction
3. No matter how unattractive the beginning is, start out!
4. Believe in your dreams and don’t listen to negative words that don’t boost your dreams.
5. No matter how attractive what you are doing is, if it is not the right thing you will enjoy it now and live with the regrets later.
You may have missed it but I think if you are alive you still have a chance to set it right. Now is the time to set it right and stop missing it. Get direction and get going!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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