Why seek the living among the dead? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

And as (the women) were frightened and were bowing their faces to the ground, the men said to them, why do you look for the living among (those who are) dead? – Luke 24:5 (AMP)
The women referred to in the book of Luke 24:5 believed the words of our Lord Jesus Christ so much. They held unto the fact that he was going to be raised on the third day. As soon as it was the third day, they went to the grave to check him out.
While their actions were sincere, there was also a problem. They believed Jesus would rise but they still went to check Him in the grave. Then the angels asked them a vital question. ‘Why are you looking for the living among the dead?’ he asked. When someone has been raised, the person does not stay in the debased position he or she was in before being raised.
It is also important to note here that Christ is the ONLY risen king. Several people came and portrayed themselves as the saviour. They even said they would die and be raised. How did we know the real son of God? Among several other confirmations, he was the only one that was raised from the dead and we saw Him physically taken up into heaven.
You know that our God has a great sense of humor and always wants to do things that are infallible! Have you ever wondered why God didn’t just take Jesus into heaven straight from the grave? If he had done that, some would have doubted the proof of his existence. So Christ was raised from the dead and that typifies us – you and I – being dead to sin, buried under a great burden but raised and freed from every bondage when Christ was raised.
The all important question that the women who came to seek Jesus were asked is actually another proof that Jesus was raised. He was not only raised from the dead, he was raised out of the grave. He was moved out from the company of dead people because he no longer fits in there.
I pray for you today that very soon, some people will be looking for you where you used to be but they will not find you there. They will be looking for you in the broke state but will find out that you have moved into abundance. They will be looking for your in your broken state with so much losses to count but they will find out that God has restored you. They will be looking for you in your helpless state but will find out that help has been raised for you.
You need to note that when the assignment of Jesus was completed on the cross and was raised, he experienced a change of level. As he experienced a change of level, he gave us hope for a change of level as well.
The essence of Christ’s sojourn to this earth was to get you and I out of the state we were in. He wanted us to be raised out of that dead state we were in. Every sinner is in a dead state whose eternal death is only a question of time. When such sinner comes to Jesus, just as you have done or I expect you to do, the sinner becomes raised out of that dead state.
So if you have Jesus, I am glad to tell you that it was not only Jesus that came out of the grave. You also came out of every grave that has hitherto buried you. Therefore, people should no longer find you in that despicable state that you were in.
You have a new level in Christ. You can also say to people, ‘stop looking for me among the hopeless, broke, dead, condemned and useless people.’ I have been raised together with Christ and everything that was dead in me has come alive, Glory! Christ is risen and he is alive and so are you in Jesus mighty name.

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