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There are deep spiritual principles that we must operate by and when we operate them, we get all the benefits that come with them. Some of them may not make sense while the others may make sense. In any case, we need to remember that the really deep spiritual principles that carry most weight are not logical. If we try to access the principles using logic or we seek to understand them fully before engaging them, we risk loosing out on being blessed and in some cases, as it is with tithing, we also risk being cursed.
A few weeks back I wrote on why some believers are not blessed. One of the reasons that I listed was tithing. After that article went online, one of my readers sent in a question which has become the title of this post. Why should I pay my tight when things are tight?
I am sure there are so many of other people who have the same thing in mind. Some of them also say God understands and he will realize that my tight is small. They even go on to say that they will pay tight when things are better or when they make big money.
First you should remember that the issue of tight is not logic. Then you need to realize that whatever it is that you have was given to you by God. If God gave you hundred percent, and he is asking you to return only ten, is that too much to ask for? What if he did not give you at all?
One of the illustrations I always give when talking about tithing is that of a father, his child and a goat. It’s a story that says a father bought biscuits for his child. He then asked the child to give him some of the biscuit. The child refused and put the biscuit behind her. The father asked for she biscuit again but this child would not release the biscuit and she kept walking back with the biscuit behind her. As she walked back she got closer to the goat until the goat collected the biscuit. After the goat collected the biscuit, the child then ran back to the father that she had refused to give back to.
If you are the father, what would you do? Do you think the father could not afford another one when he was asking the child for biscuit? If the child willingly gave some back to the father, do you think the father will allow goat to collect the biscuit from the child? We can try to talk and act smart but we cant be smarter than God. Whatever God gives us and we give back to God still comes back to us! It does not come back the same way but it comes back. In fact, it always comes back better.
Why should I pay tithe when things are tight? My specific answers are:
1. Abraham our father of faith paid tithe out of revelation and he’s a model to us.
2. Jacob promised to pay tithe if God would bring him back safely.
3. Israelites in the Bible paid tithe and we are spiritual Israelites today.
4. Tithing is commanded by God himself in Malachi 3: 9-12
5. He promises to bless those who pay it.
6. He also said he will send the devourer to those who will not pay it.
7. Jesus in Mathew 23:23 acknowledges that tithing was to be done.
If you already know that those who do not pay tithes are cursed, then you should not add a curse to your lack. Already you said things are tight. It means you are experiencing scarcity. If you now rob God of tithe then curses will be added to your present lack. Things will be tighter. When you release your tithe, the things that have been tight for you can release their hold on you or their blessings for you.
Another principle you need to remember is that the only way to get more is to give more. It is the law of sowing and reaping. Give and it will be given to you good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over shall men give into your bossom (Luke 6:38).
Some think the tight is going to their pastor so there is no need to pay tithe since things are tight for them. If you do that, you are simply making things tighter for yourself. Tithe is an instruction from God and it is men that will be used to handle it. Don’t look to the pastor for the rewards but to God.
To be blessed, please do not joke with your tithe. Some Christians prosper only by mouth and not in reality because they don’t practice the things that prosper. Don’t be one of those people. Engage tithing and enjoy your prosperity.

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  1. Hi. I think u used tight in place of tithe a no of times. Pls edit. I started tithing long ago n what I learned is u have to learn to budget. Many christians live in debt or on a deficit. If u intend to live on 90% of your income, some things have to go. In the long run, u save money on hospital bills, thefts, and other disasters. My parents have the testimony that our home has never been broken into in over 21 years. It is an agreement that doesn’t concern the pastor

  2. This appears to be a mishmash of personal opinions with a few verses of scripture thrown in to give it credence. There is no single verse of scripture that calls tithing a principle to be followed by the NT church neither do we find any that says it’s the way to prosperity.
    The first reason you gave as to why we should tithe is because Abraham did so and he is a model to us (I think Christ is supposed to be our model). Why decide to be selective on the things Abraham did? Are we also bound by the rite of circumcision because Abraham did so?
    Your second reason is one no one in today’s church currently follows; Jacob only wanted to tithe if God blessed him first and we see no record in scripture that he actually fulfilled it.
    God’s command to the children of Israel to tithe was part of the law. And He was very specific on the way they were supposed to tithe. The tithe was only to be paid on agricultural produce from within the land of Israel alone. It was paid on crops and livestock. The tithe on livestock was every tenth animal and one was not supposed to check if it was good or bad nor exchange it for another animal. The tithe of crops was determined by grouping the produce into 10 equal parts and the tenth part separated as the tithe. No portion of scripture ever commands a tithe of money even though money was available at the time.
    Malachi 3: 8 – 10 is simply a reiteration of God’s command to the children of Israel in the book of Deuteronomy; it is not a command to today’s church to tithe.
    And I think you completely ignored the context of Mathew 23: 23. Jesus’ audience was the Jews who were still under the law and the Old Testament was still very much operational.
    Long story short, the New testament church has not been handed a tithing command instead we are all urged to give as we are able and this will be accepted as long as it has been given willingly and cheerfully.
    God bless.

    1. I see you know the scripture and there seems to be little I can teach you about it. Here’s my conclusion of the matter: If we say that an instruction from God was given in the old testament and is no longer applicable in the new testament because it does not favour us, we deceive ourselves. God cannot be mocked. John 10: 35 says the scriptures cannot be broken (either the old or new testament). Finally, remember that Jesus himself said that he did not come to change or take away the law (including the law of tithing). If anyone chooses not to pay his tithes, no one can compel him to but we will all benefit from all our actions.

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