“Why sit we here till we die?” – Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM

The issue is not whether we are less privileged or not. The issue is not whether somebody in town wants us or not. The problem is not whether they like or faces or not. The battle that everyone is concerned about is not even our major concern right now.
Brothers the issue is that we have always been rejected and despised. Everybody thinks we cannot amount to anything so nobody has a security provision for us. The chiefs don’t even think about us when they are planning the social amenity to be made available to the people of the town. Don’t you even think their heads are too sophisticated to allow their minds be bothered because of people like us?
We are outcasts of the society and are left to survive by chances. Unfortunately they think we are so ugly that we are not even fit to sit at the gate of their town. Nobody needs to talk to us about any hell anywhere because we are going through more than enough hell right now.
We are at the mercy of the “miserly-generosity” of some mean citizens who are just a little better than we are save for the fact that they have not been banished from town. The rich folks who can afford to give us “life-transforming crumbs” don’t even get to pass this place.
I am trying as much as I can to picture the conversation of these lepers who were deliberating the most heart rendering issues as far as they were concerned. The most important thing is that somebody was wise enough to ask, “why sit we here till we die?”
This leper in his proposition did not deny the fact that they would die but he just wanted to know why they would not do anything until they die. Sometimes you need to get up with an attitude of “what am I going to lose after all?” and give it a shot. You have nothing to lose writing that business proposal. You have nothing to lose making the right attempts. You have nothing to lose trying out what other have not tried because you will end up learning what others have not learnt! You can’t keep waiting for things to happen while you are doing only what others are doing.
You cannot even focus on the odds that are against you as an excuse not to do anything. The guys who woke up to say, “why sit we here till we die?” had all the odds against them because they were outcasts in their own town. You are not yet an outcast so why will you sit there and not do anything. Even if you think you are an outcast we read about an outcast in the Bible who had to settle forcefully outside his town but at some point his people got into trouble and they didn’t have a choice other than to go back to him. You still have something that is useful to another person in life so get and go out. Go looking for that person or those people and those nations who need what you carry. You have been sitting long enough who no results so do something.
It is even more honourable to do something with little results than to do nothing. As a nation because can’t even afford to sit here for to long. We have to put our minds to work and get something out so that we can move forward. When we have problems we need to always realize the solution is not always in sitting down!
I fell in love with this guy when I heard the question because asking “why” puts your brain to work and the outcome is usually an outstanding success. Many Christians have problems and are looking for opportunities but they sit where they are exoecting opportunities to come. They think if they prayed to God about it then it must come in some kind of big way. They think God’s opportunities are always in some kind of complex and inexplicable advantages brought together to be called a miracle.
Don’t sit there till you die! Get out and grab opportunities! Many of you pray opportunities into place then you allow them slip by you because you want to pray them into action again. These folks who asked themselves , “why sit we here till we die?” were physical lepers but their reasoning reveals that they were not lepers in their minds. Many today are not physical lepers but the leprosy on their minds is horrible, disgusting and nauseating. Why sit you here till you die?

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