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There are so many people who are experiencing delayed blessings as believers or are yet to be blessed. This has raised some grave concerns for those who have been following all the available doctrines on prosperity. Why will someone go to church and pray and still not be blessed? Why will someone follow the laid down principles of tithing and things are still not improving? In fact, some people say that when you pay your tithe things will not be tight but some still have everything tight!
The situation also becomes more complex or confusing when the believers in question see other people who are unbelievers and they seem to be prospering. Why will someone who does not serve God prosper more than the one serving God? Some will even be bold enough to as if God is partial or how does he distribute wealth?
This evening I was teaching somewhere and the question came up again. It was like saying why am I still not blessed despite all that I have done. There are a few things to consider for the possibilities of delayed blessing or lack of blessing at all. Some of the answers I gave include the following:
1. Understanding – Someone’s blessings can be delayed as a result of lack of understanding. The wise man, Solomon, says he has seen princes walk while servants ride on horses. When someone is operating with lack of understanding his blessings can be delayed, denied or destroyed. When you get the right understanding on what to do and how to do it, the blessings can begin to come. Some unbelievers are doing things right while some unbelievers are not seeking wisdom. They hang unto religion and keep passing their blessings unto others ignorantly.
2. God working behind the scene – I think that it may look as if your blessings are delayed when God is working behind the scene for you. God may want you to go through certain things. There are some blessings that are yours but they can kill you if you get them too soon. There are breakthroughs that can put you in trouble if they come before you gain some experiences. So God can be preparing the blessings while preparing you for the blessings as well.
3. Curse – While I don’t like to sound like a prophet of doom, the truth has to be told. Some people may have been cursed. If there is a curse there is no way the cursed person can be blessed. The curse may be as a result of something he did ignorantly. It can also come from enemies. Please note that curses also come from the Bible. Breaking a Biblical principle can attract a curse. The Bible says in John 10:35 that the scriptures cannot be broken. If I am permitted to add words I would have said it cannot be broken without consequences.
4. Ancestral trend – In the Bible, Abraham lied. When Isaac grew up, he told exactly the same lie about the same issue. When it was Jacob’s turn, he did worse than lying. One of the things that can be responsible for delayed blessings is ancestral trends or even curses. An example is that in some families, it may have been happening that nobody builds or owns a house. If one comes from such family and is not conscious of this, he or she will just be struggling to build or buy a house and things will not work out. In some other families, the men always marry more than one wife. No no matter how faithful some men try to be, they end of cheating and having another wife if they come from such families and are not aware. For some other families, people die before a certain age or just can’t do something. If you notice you are struggling with something, please check to see if there is a trend like that in your family. You can begin from there and deal with the issues seriously. I know of a girl who had a child out of wedlock. The mother actually had a child out of wedlock too and if care is not taken it may happen with the new baby as well.
5. Asking God to bless your work rather than doing the already blessed work – It is so straight forward to ask God to show you what he has already blessed. Check out my recent article titled ‘Do what God has blessed.’ Stop trying to get him to bless what you are doing. Do what he has blessed and has shown you.
6. Tithe – We know that when anyone does not pay tithe, his harvest is not secured and heavens may be shut over him. Devourers will also be allowed to visit and even be his or her regular guest. How do you know there’s a devourer in your house or business. When you always spend too much on something and it does not yield results, check it. A car, child, spouse, other relatives or business can become devourers!
Please note that God definitely wants to bless you. III John 2 says he wishes above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health. Proverbs 10:22 says the blessings of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow. There are also things that may want to work against your blessings but you have to keep praying, keep acting, keep trusting and the blessings will be delivered to you.

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  1. Hmmm…
    This really got me thinking about my life and the trends in it presently. How does one put an end inherited ancestral curses?
    However, permit me to ask (paying attention to point 6), if I give my tithe to a worthy cause – orphanges instead of the church. Would I of robbed God and do I attract the devourer?\
    Kind regards.

    1. Hello Ade, I think I already answered your first question in the piece. To end the ancestral trend, start praying against it. The prayer has to be serious and not taken like a posh business man’s prayer. As for your tithe, Malachi 3: 9 – 12 clearly instructs us to bring all tithes into his store house – which in this present day means church. Anything given to an orphanage is an offering or a gift. It is no longer a tithe. Only the church has the right to collect tithes and the giver will be blessed as God said in his word.

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