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I had been thinking of taking you on a ride through working with resolutions and for you to see what makes it work and what makes it fail in some cases. Incidentally I will be on the Daytime Talk of Lagos television later today to talk about New Year resolutions and my focus will be on what other things you should have in place before your New Year resolutions will work.
Over the years people have been setting resolutions and it has become the norm to always have one when the year is closing up and a new one is approaching. Because people have also been disappointed repeatedly some have decided not to write a resolution.
Beyond just writing that resolution you have to know that resolution is a small part of what needs to be done. When you take resolution in isolation it then becomes extremely difficult for you to make it happen. If you really want to have your resolutions followed through then you need to see how you can work through it along with other things.
The first you need to note is that your New Year Resolution is a part of a bigger plan or it is supposed to be a part of a bigger plan. What you should do either at the end of a year or at the beginning of the year is to have a comprehensive plan. Sit down and think about what you have done in the out gone or outgoing year and think about what you can do in the New Year.
It is important to write that plan and set small milestones for yourself. If you don’t then there will be no way to measure what you have achieved and how far you have come. When that becomes difficult then you cant set a new goal for where you will like to be.
That’s the bigger picture. Once that is sorted then you will now start asking questions on what you have to do in order to make those plans happen. I think that’s where your resolutions come in.
A practical example might be a student whose goal in the year is to improve his or her grades. Once that goal is set you will then look into all the things that have not allowed your grades to improve and you might find that you either spend too much time playing with friends or you watch a lot of television. So when you make a resolution not to watch too much television, you understand it is because of a certain goal and until you hit that goal you cant indulge yourself.
Another example might be someone who wants to get out of debt. Why are you in debt in the first place? Could it be about your spending habit or that you always want more than you need for that time? Maybe that makes you borrow the money you don’t need and you don’t realize you are getting into trouble. What you then need to do is to set a goal and a resolution to spend wisely and control your urge will be a part of that bigger goal which is financial freedom.
Now that may be easier compare to just saying this year I have made a resolution not to borrow money again or this year I have honesty decided not to spend too much time in front of television. Before you blink you will find yourself doing the very thing you intend not to do again.
So now you can see that some resolutions fail because you did not integrate them as part of a bigger plan which will benefit you. Change your strategy from today. Create a plan and have your resolutions as simple tools that will aid the execution of your plan.   
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