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As I grew up I saw a lot films in the contemporary African setting. Many of them had series of themes that interest me but the ones that easily come to mind as I prepare to this piece are the ones with emphasis on having a male child in marriage. They made it look like a man without a male child has no children. They would often say that the female children would marry and leave their father’s house, worse still, change their names completely and there would be no one to carry on the family name or the father’s legacy. That was, in those days, part of the argument for a male child. Although the films were to teach people that male and female children were equal and that both of them can carry on with the family legacy, what about those who do not have children at all? Are children even the best channels for passing our legacies on? While they may be very instrumental to transferring and sustaining our legacies, it is only our ideas that can truly sustain our legacies!
One of the very important reasons you must not let that idea die with you is because your ideas are very simple ways to continue living in the minds of other people. I saw a tweet of quotes from a fine gentle man that died recently. I think emotions came up again because I still did not believe that he died until I realized his people had changed his profile to include the word ‘legacy.’ When I see that word, what comes to my mind is that the person who started this thing may no longer be alive but these are the things that he stood for and was known for while he was alive. When you grow very old and eventually die, it is your ideas that will outlive you. There are people who died more than a hundred years before you and I were born. Although they are dead, we still read about them by the time we are grown enough to sit in the four walls of a class. Our teachers talk about them and the subjects we even take are based on their ideas and research. Isaac Newton and Albert died several years ago! But most of the science books still revolve around their theories. If you let your idea die before you die then there will be no monument to live after you.
When I watch television and hear governments of nations vow to bring down terrorists, I think they need to know something beyond just killing the perpetrators of terror in the different nations of the world. For every terrorist you kill, there may be a hundred out there just waiting for the right time to strike. Why is that so? Terrorism thrives not on the absence of adequate security but on ideas that are planted in the minds of people. That is why you can kill one person today but you still have not stopped terrorism. The only possible way to stop terrorism is to stop the ideas fueling it.
Do you remember Dr. Martin Luther King? It’s been well over fourty years that he died but his ideas are very much alive. In fact, many believe that President Barrack Obama’s rise to the presidency is a fulfillment of Dr. King’s dream. Do you think it was ordinary that men who felt oppressed continued to try until they got a voice? Once an idea becomes words and are spoken out, it can continue to spread. When it is written, it can be preserved for generations. But when you act on it, it will impact generations and also be transferred easily to many.
Are your ideas covered in dust at the moment because you have given up on them or you were just waiting for the right time? How long are you going to wait? Don’t let this ideas die before you! There are so many disasters that man witnesses in his lifetime and one of them is for his ideas to die before he dies! Stay with those ideas. Work them until they work. Give them your best shot. Don’t limit the life of your ideas to those who believe or do not believe in you. Never let the idea die because that is a major way to immortalize yourself.
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