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Imagine that a brand new generator has been delivered to your house and it’s already installed for you. It has a bigger capacity than you can ever need as far as that house is concerned. There are service men all around who are at your beck and call to make sure nothing goes wrong with the generator but you are the only one permitted to put it on by just turning the key or pressing the button. When you turn it on, everything … everything comes alive and work just the way you want them.
As in the case of this generator that can bring everything to live and make them work just the way you want them, the steps you take in life are like the keys or buttons on that generator designed to power it on. The generator itself is the unseen forces that respond to your steps to faith regardless of the situations around you to make things work for you. In this scenario it is like a young person whose father has everything in place and all the workers needed to put in technical assistance are also there but the father gave an instruction that only this young person must take the step to power on the generator.
God, your father, if you believe that He is, has everything in place for you and all the technical or spiritual or physical expertise needed to make things work for you. Regardless of the fact that He has everything in place, He still left everything there just the way it is and expects you to take that step of faith before anything … anything is activated.
Take a look at something very important here, you are not the one to design the generator and you are not the one to fix it or carry it from where it was produced to where it would be used. You are not the one to build the house or look for money to have it built. You are not the one to pay the salaries of those service men at your service. Whenever you attempt to pay them they say, ‘our needs and salaries have been taken care off.’ All that is here is for your use and all you need to do is just to take that step towards the generator and power it on. If you don’t then you cannot enjoy anything in the house because everything depends on electricity.
There are too many of us in this kind of situation. We have all that is needed but we are not taking the step towards the generator to power it on. A few other who are taking the steps are going in the direction of the service men and are fighting them for refusing to power on the generator. In this case there is a code of conduct and the code requires they only come in and fix problems if there would be any. Some others are wondering why things in this kind of house are not working. They are pressing everything but have not bothered to ask why there is no electricity. They are frustrated that nothing is working but they have also failed to acknowledge the need to generate power before anything can work.
That step of faith in the direction of those ideas is very important. Let me remind you that it may not be one step that you have to take. Remember that your bedroom is usually not beside the house or shed for the generator. It might be at a distance because of noise or because of vibration. Wherever it is, all you have to do is to take a step continuously until you get to the generator and press the power button. Until you do nothing works.
This is a general rule in life and you should know by now that nothing works until you do so you must get to work and never expect a result if you have not worked!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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