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Today, a few family members and I would be visiting the burial site of my father who died 5 years ago at the Lagos State General Hospital in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. I have, until now, had my reservation about the competencies of some of the doctors who were supposed to have helped my father get better. I remember hearing about arguments between the doctors regarding a drug he was supposed to use or not to use. There are several things I still do not like about the place and that’s coupled with the fact that the employees, as we still have in most government establishments here, have no respect for the people who are their customers and they treat customers as if they are doing them a favour. That I can hang on the fact that the government is still not ready for serious business and I think this attitude goes on like this because we have some of the wrong people in positions.
My focus for today is really different so I guess I will write about government negligence some other time and as well talk about how they have no business being in certain businesses. As I remembered the fact that my father has been gone for 5 years and also remember the fact that he left behind everything he worked for, the question of why struggle in life came to my mind! Is it not amazing how we struggle so much in life to have things in our names or to say that we have at least succeeded in one thing or the other only to realize that when we are dead it is other people that will enjoy what we have worked for?
I do not intend to encourage laziness by fiddling with your mind on working and dying only for us not to take anything with us. All I really want to achieve is for us to have a rethink on how we struggle for things that we can get and also struggle for things that do not belong to us. Some others even go the extra mile and they kill people in order to get what belongs to them! Can I ask a question? If you kill other people is it that you will become immortal? Does killing other people make you live forever and not have any issue in our life again?
We wake up on daily basis and struggle for so much. Other cheat and steal while some kill just to get things that we will only use here on earth! Do we even remember that there is a life after this life we are in? I think a lot of people never, ever, think about the fact that there is life after this life where the works of our hands are going to be judged and we will have no choice but to be punished for things we have done wrong!
Always have the end in mind and think about the fact that death is inevitable! Maybe that will slow some people down a little and be a little more civil in the way they treat other people! Think about death, struggle less and remember that the works of your hands will live after you!
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