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God had everything planned out from the beginning of the world because he knew that a number of things may go wrong when you and I are trying to do what we intend to do. Some of the things we want to do may just take a different turn and life may appear to be very frustrating to what God had done was to have a beginning and an ending so that when things go wrong you can have an end to those things and get a chance to start all over on a new slate.
Some people may have messed up their lives and the will still get a chance to end the mess only if they are willing to take advantage of the beginning that God is offering. If there is no end or a new beginning for the things we are doing, we may never get a chance to correct all the mistakes we are making or we just may never have the opportunity to fix some things that have gone bad!
I must honestly admit that in some cases we are getting a new beginning not because we will have the opportunity to fix what has gone wrong but because God want to give us a chance to put everything behind us and just start on a clean slate! Life may have dealt with you seriously and you may not be having a great time at all. Guess what? Having and end is to your advantage because everything that has a beginning has an end!
This is not just another motivational piece thats written just to get you excited! There are days in a week and the reason we can call all those days a week is because each day comes to an end and a new day starts. Beyond that, each week comes to an end and then we have a month but this is not just about having the days roll by so that we can keep counting! The importance of each days newness has to do with us getting another chance to start all over if we didnt get certain things right. If we are getting things right as we do them now, then we have a chance to improve on what we are doing with every new day that comes!
Life would be so frustrating if there was no chance to start all over again! It will be very difficult if we just have to work for very long or unending hours or in an unending day! We have to appreciate the privilege of getting another chance much more than we look at the things we didnt do appropriately! Gods provision for our mistake is to give us another chance by giving us another second, another minute, another hour, another day, another week, another month and another year!
Take a moment right now and just forget about the things you could not fix. Set your focus on the new day ahead of you and the new opportunity ahead of you! Begin to work on what you are going to do with the second chance that God has presented to you and is fast approaching. The time many people have to plan for another opportunity is usually spent on regretting the lost or misused opportunity. Dont fall into that trap, you already have a second chance coming in form of new days, weeks, years and new opportunities. Grab this new chance and appreciate the privilege of an ending and a beginning!
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