Why they call it breakthrough | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM

Why they call it breakthrough | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
When I was looking up meanings for the word breakthrough it actually means to get through, burst through, penetrate or breach as against the popular meaning that so many people have given it today. I really think that it is called breakthrough because there are things you must break before there can be a going through for you. There are things you need to break and go through before you can say you have heard a breakthrough. That leaves us with seeing the fact that breakthrough is a process because it involves breaking something. A lot of people may now be wondering if you say it has to do with breaking something then what are we breaking?
There are several things to break and your breakthrough result is dependent on what you have broken. As we all grow in life and learn new things we will always realize that some of the things we initially called knowledge were trash that just filled up our minds and we carried them for so long that even when we met the truth we resisted the truth. One of the first things we all therefore have to breakthrough is the old knowledge we have acquired that are now combating the new and real knowledge. It is one thing to know so much but it another thing to know what works. We all have to breakthrough knowing so much to knowing what works and some other things we need to break include:
-Cultural affiliations
-Family traditions
-Religious inclinations or indoctrinations
-Limiting societal standards
Some barriers are things we met on ground and everybody is saying nobody can change these things so we have taken it just like that without challenging the decisions. Yet our breaking through in some issues lie in challenging the existing decisions that nobody has questions for years and probably decades.
I really think that we need to rework the approach with which we present breakthrough to a lot of people and trying not to present it like an instant miracle for people which really has nothing to do with what are doing or are not doing. A man can really breakthrough if he understands that in some cases he has some self-limiting mindsets that need to be broken. If he is willing to learn and relearn then he will see that there are areas in his life where just changing mindset will practically alter the result in no small way.
There are people with obvious limiting habits, backward cultural affiliations or family traditions and they are all expecting some miracles to happen for them. They have taken the religious inclinations and limiting societal standards more seriously than any other thing and they expect to have a result different from what these things can produce.
To break through we must start with breaking the old knowledge that we have and see things in new light. We must break barriers, habits, inclinations and some limiting standards. Until we break those things that we unconsciously do on daily basis even though they do not make us more productive, there will be no breaking through. If there will be a breakthrough we first must break some things from within before there will be any breakthrough on the outside!
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