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Many are quick to think that they gave up because things were no longer working. Unfortunately, it is the other way round. It was after you gave up that things stopped working. If you did not give up maybe things would have turned out differently. In fact, I am certain things would be different.
I see a number of people who have given up on life because they are no longer trying anything. They think that nothing is working so there is no point trying again. They have now decided that they will go back and try when things start working.
You must come to terms with the fact that nothing works until you work. You can’t sit down, fold your arms and hope that things will be different or the things that did not work before will soon work for you.
I have been in situations where I could have given up. Things became better not after giving up and coming back to them. Things actually got better when I stayed in the situation rather than giving up.
Sometimes there will be a test of your perseverance or patience. If you cannot stand the test of perseverance and patience then it will look like nothing is happening and you start thinking about giving up.
Right now I can picture a group of people who are manually drilling a bore hole. It’s a very rigorous process. At least four people have to use a pole with rough mouth to drill the ground. They lock some pipes around the major pole and start turning the pole downwards until it has completely gone into the ground. When the first pole goes into the ground they add the second and the job continues like that.
That process can be very tiring. It will look like nothing is happening but those strong young men keep turning the poles with the pipes locked around it until they touch water. They may easily give up along the way and say nothing is happening but they are actually getting close to what they are digging for.
While you think that nothing is happening, you were actually getting close to what you are looking for. The moment you stopped hoping and stopped working, you went farther from it instead of getting closer.
It is very easy for us to blame the things that did not work on the economic situation or the downsizing that the company is doing. We can blame things on the rise and fall of our currencies or the problem in the financial market generally. It’s very easy to say that the policy making in the government was what caused the failure that we are experiencing.
All of that will sound really true and logical but when you look on the other side, you will see that some people are still making money and making things happen while you are making excuses.
So many things can go wrong but things will only stop working, not because of those things that went wrong, but because you have stopped working or have given up. Get back to working on things and work until things work out.

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