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When we all start out in life some people cling to words like purpose, understanding, direction and so many other words that seem very inspiring and a few other feel they are all just gimmicks of some very unrealistic speakers. They would say to themselves and as many that care to listen, ‘I am a very realistic person. Please forget all these motivations and let us face the facts of life.’
On the immediate it usually looks like those who say they are realistic are the ones facing the fact of life but on the long run when the results start coming then those who claim they are realistic begin to see the real reality and then understand they are not the ones facing the fact of life.
Yesterday, the 18th day of July 2011, I sent a message to one of my esteemed but older friend with whom I can say I have close to a mentoring relationship. I wanted to seat in one of his sessions as a management trainer to see how the trainings in his company were conducted. Somewhere along the line when he began to tell his story just to teach a lesson, one of the people seating in the audience who is a banker that had been sent for a refresher course began to remember where he had been some years ago and realized that he had been in the same office with this facilitator about 6 or more years before now! They were both students at the time who did internships in that office but according to this banker, the facilitator was even like a subordinate to him.
At the time of this training, the banker realized how far this facilitator who, at that time, used to be his subordinate had gone and he almost began to cry. He was still seating in the banking hall collecting salaries and waiting on monthly pay cheques but this facilitators had so developed that his boss was allowing him to handle trainings of Managers and even Bank Managing Directors. He had written a book and was already making millions from the book. By virtue of qualification the facilitator would not have qualified to get a job in the bank but today he is the one training who people who have the qualification to get a job in the bank.
It actually got to a level where this banker got so emotional that he began to tell us what this facilitator used to look like. He told us how this facilitator had been a lot slimmer at the time and that he, the banker now, made a first class from the university. The irony of the situation was that the facilitator who was training them dropped out of the university yet he was training people with first class and upper credit! The walked out of the session at some point and crying that he was going to resign! It was really difficult for him to imagine that someone who was his subordinate some years back is now the one training him in the bank and this person training him looks every inch more successful and satisfied in life.
Here’s a case telling you a bit of the life of two different people who turned out differently so the question of why do we turn our differently comes up now! The two of them obviously were not projecting with their minds in the same direction! The entire projection of one was to get a job after having a good grade and live a comfortable life. For the other one, life was tough and things were not straight forward because he had to drop out of school. Since he didn’t have a degree he had to fall back on motivations and hope for a miracle.
Somewhere along the line we will realize that when we have the standard requirements that the society wants from us, it makes us calm down and unknowingly settle for the less in life while those who seem to be disadvantaged keep going an unknowingly shoot beyond what the world evens expects from them!
The results only become obvious at some points when they are compelled to compare results. The two people in this story now have some situations because one is doing the job that he loves to do and is being paid for the job but the other is not enjoying the job compared to what he is getting from the job.
The moment we start thinking different is the moment we start turning out differently but some people don’t check it at that time. They usually wait too long before realizing something in their thinking was not right. I also used to have some of my colleagues who laughed at me back in those days but when they see me today, you can easily tell that the look is a great admiration for how I have tuned out.
The people who admire how I have turned out today were the same people who used to laugh at my style of thinking in those days. We simply turn out differently because our thinking and projections in life are different. Think beyond the standards of the society, unlock yourself and dream big without being scared about who will laugh at you. Even when they laugh at you today for thinking differently, they will soon start laughing with you when you smile all the way to the bank and they are going to the bank to look for loans!
Fola Daniel Adelesi

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