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When I was much younger I didn’t like the fact that some people could not just leave me the way I was without hurting me or at least getting me angry. They did all sorts of things to me and made me react – so I thought – to everything they did. I did not want to react the way I was reacting but I found out that I was constantly in a position where someone would not just allow me be alone. They would just do something even when I didn’t want to get into trouble with anyone. Sometimes, I would react and then go back to think. I would desire within me that I get the capacity not to react to the things they were doing to me but it just appeared difficult! The more I tried not to react the harder it seemed!
At some point as I grew older I realized that what the people were doing to me was not the real issue. The bigger issue was about where I was going in life! It’s not the same thing that happens to everyone in life! Some of the things that happen to us and also happen to other people also happen in varying degrees and I found out that your destination in life will ultimately determine the size of what you are experiencing right now!
I can confidently say that if you have some big issues to deal with, it’s because you have a big destiny! Sometimes when people want to abuse you verbally, they will stop at small words because they know such small words will quickly get to you! If they know that small words no longer hit you hard, then they graduate to using bigger words! It is the same thing in life. When you really have a big picture in front of you then you should expect some big challenges because life naturally does not want you to arrive at your desired destination! It’s going to be your responsibility to fight through and get to where you are going in life!
When you seem to be going through a financial crisis in life, it may be because of where you are going to in life! When people around you treat you like trash, it sometimes can be because the devil has seen where you are going and he just needs you to react unreasonably to what someone’s saying about you so that you can be hindered. Some people think they are the ones fighting you but they don’t know that the devil had a plan to fight you because of your destiny and they are just playing out the devil’s plan!
When I came to this understanding, I naturally stopped reacting to just anything! I have come to the understanding of the fact that some people are just playing out the devil’s plan against me. He’s just looking for something to hold me back so that I will not get to my destination. But with my understanding and my eyes on the bigger picture, people just keep trying to fight me and also do all sorts of things but on the long run, they are the ones who get frustrated because I didn’t fall for their trick.
Don’t fall for the devil’s trick against your big destiny! All the fighting, the blackmail, the office politics, losing your jobs, issues in your marriages, challenges with your businesses are just strategies to get you off balance so that you can take your focus away from the bigger picture of your destiny!
Everything fighting you because of where you are going in life will soon realize how you have outgrown them when they fight and you just don’t react like a baby with no control over her emotions! Hold your head high, walk straight and keep your focus because the bigger picture is your destiny. Don’t get distracted by what people do or don’t do to you! You need to learn that sometimes when people help you, it’s because of your destiny. When some also refuse to help you, it’s because of your destiny!
You should do some of the things I do in some cases. When people talk to me the way I don’t like or some issues just crop up I just say, ‘I know where I’m going in life. That is too small to distract me. This is happening because of my destiny!’
Don’t let the little foxes destroy you. Your destiny is really a big one and that’s why some of these things are happening to you!
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