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I remember hearing a story about a young lawyer who was really struggling because he was not getting good briefs that could foot his bills. This continued for a while and then he thought of a way out. He approached one of the famous and influential lawyers in town thinking he could be given a proven strategy or some secret that will help him get good briefs. When he got to the famous lawyer, he shared his experiences. The famous lawyer did not say much but decided to take a walk through the town with this young lawyer.
After the long walk through town, the two lawyers returned to their chambers and departed without any tangible result. Soon after the famous lawyer was seen with the younger lawyer who was a struggling lawyer, people began to troop into his office. They brought so many good cases to him and then money started coming.
What the people in the town thought about changed the life of the struggling lawyer. They felt that the famous lawyer was too busy. Apart from the fact that he was busy, his charges were high and not so many of them could afford to pay him. Since they have seen the famous lawyer with the struggling one, they said to themselves that these other lawyer too must be very good. He is also not yet famous and he should charge less. That was how so many of them decided to start doing business with these young lawyer who used to struggle to get briefs.
That’s an example of what validation can do to you. It can turn your life around in a short while so much so that you would think that you are dreaming. There will be the kind of speed that you cannot explain in some cases because the people who validated you are people who have worked so hard and you are riding on the privileges of their previous works and contacts.
There was the story of another lawyer in a country who was said to be working with a certain governor. When the governor had completed his term in office, he simply endorsed this lawyer of his as the next candidate for the party. So many people grumbled but they did not have any option other than to follow the given and endorsed candidate. The rest is history. That endorsed candidate has become a two time sitting governor. There are things you will not imagine in your wildest dreams but someone can validate or endorse you and those things will happen for you. Even if you have dreamt about such things, you may have discarded them thinking you don’t have the needed resources or maybe you think it is a hard thing to do. When one right validation or endorsement comes, those dreams will just become cheap.
Sometimes, the validation that you need may not be the validation that comes from knowing someone or being connected in a way to some influential people. Your own required validation might be coming from the certificate you have not yet obtained from a school or a training centre. Why do you think that accountants go for more professional exams even after studying accounting? It’s validation. It creates a perception of you for others to rate you. How they rate you is how they receive you and how they receive you is also how you are rewarded for what you do.
In these present times, there are things you will be very good at but you cannot convince people that you are good at them if you do not have the certificate to first gain access in to the right places. I should say that it is not your certificates that will do the job but they can open the door for you in some places. When the doors are open, you can then put the certificates aside and proof yourself. You should know that the only thing that can open doors for you in some places is your certificates so after getting the needed skills, get the validation through certificates and stop limiting yourself.
Having given instances where validation works for us, please be reminded that for one reason or the other it is possible that the validation expected may not come. If the validation does not come either in certificates or in form of an endorsement, you should not kill yourself or refuse to make sense out of your life. The most important thing will be your personal conviction that you are good and you can make it.
Validation is good so get it if you can and enjoy it but don’t hang your life on it.           

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