Why you should be selfless │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Till date, it is still very amazing that so many people don’t know they need to be selfless just so that life can be a lot easier for them and the people around them. Interestingly, they think that when they are selfless, they are helping the people around them. When you become a selfless person, you are doing yourself more good than any other person.
There are so many reasons you need to become selfless and some of them are:
Life is not about you alone
I think that the first reason people can’t be selfless is because they still see life as something that revolves absolutely around them. Everything has to be about them or it is nothing. They will only focus on what they can gain and don’t care about what others stand to gain. So long as they are profiting, it does not matter what happens to other people.
When you bring something on board and it offers them no immediate or obvious benefit, it is nothing to them and they will not get involved. They only want to get involved with things that offer them all the good in the world immediately. There are those who would even be invited to come and benefit from something. Rather than being contented with what has been offered, they will want to take much more than the person inviting them to be a part of something.
If you focus on yourself, you will not achieve much  
Just recently, I saw a video online about how an ant was to be attacked by a predator. If the ant was alone and would not seek to work with others, the ant would have become an easy meal for the predator. What the predator would do each time it was ready to devour any ant was to inhale air with its nose. Because of the light weight of the ant, the ant would be drawn into its nose and that would be the end. This time, as the predator approached, the ant who was to be the victim quickly called for help and all the other ants around formed a ball. This ball made of ants blocked the nose of the predator and it became powerless.
You should note that you can’t achieve much when you are selfish and you want to do things alone. You will struggle for a long time until you begin to release the things that you are holding unto. Some people still keep the notion that the way to have more is to keep more. If you still work like that then you will soon be faced with the results of your greed.
You will repel others when your only focus is you
It is only a matter of time before people notice that you are selfish. For a while, they may try to correct you. Some will try to show you how to be selfless but if they try hard and can’t achieve much, they will leave you alone. When that happens, people will start avoiding you. I think it would have been okay if they were just to avoid you. Usually, it doesn’t stop there. They will help to spread the news about your greed and will not allow any other person to come close to you.
It can be very irritating when you are all about yourself and you will not even consider others. The danger is that you will begin to lose much more than you can imagine when you attitude starts repelling people around you.
What you have can be lost to being selfish
I often use an illustration when I have to teach about giving or greed and selfishness. Imagine a child who has just received biscuit from his father. The father then turns to the child to ask for biscuit but the child says no. The father persists but the child keeps drawing back and keeps the biscuit behind him just so that the father can’t get to it. While the child was drawing back, a goat approaches and snatched the biscuit from the child. Now the child has lost everything when he should have given a slice and keep the remaining biscuit. The same child who has refused to give will certain turn to the father to report and hope for another biscuit.
That illustration explains who we are when we refuse to be selfless. We lose what we have and still expect others to be selfless towards us. Things don’t always work that way. In order to receive selflessly from others or to benefit from their selfless acts, we also have to be selfless towards others and in everything that we do.

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