Why your money has wings | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Have you ever wondered why your money just disappears? Do you sometimes think you misplaced some money and begin to search frantically within the house or wherever you are? Well, there are not too many of us who have misplaced money in the real sense of it. However, we have made some money that we could barely account for a few days after.
When things like that happen, we start asking questions. ‘What did I do with the money? Where did the money go and a few others will take a pen and paper to recount everything they did with the money. Eventually, some will realize that they could recollect everything they spent the money and the money is really gone.
How come the money is gone so quickly? The money just came? It seemed big just a few days ago when it came? Why is the money gone as soon as it arrives? Why you are still thinking about that, you need to understand that money truly has wings.
Hear what the Bible says about money. Proverbs 23:5 says, ‘…For riches certainly make themselves wings; They fly away like an eagle toward heaven.’
Well, here’s a list of some of those things that are giving wings to your money that keeps flying away:

  1. Data Subscription – subscribing to more data than you need and everyone comes to you for internet access.
  2. Expensive hair fixing – Some people spend too much on their hair too often
  3. Cable TV subscription – Men don’t want to miss out on sporting actions and they pay a lot for it. Some even have up to three decoders with subscriptions.
  4. Sports and other betting – Beyond being a Christian who is not expected to bet, these bettings keep taking money from you to reward other people.
  5. Expensive cell phones – Some people are always after the latest smartphones at what-

ever cost even if it takes their whole savings or puts them in debt.

  1. Clothing – Sometimes all you need is clean and nice clothes that don’t have to be expensive.
  2. Shoes – Wear good shoes but they should be something you can really afford and not something you buy to impress people.
  3. Transportation – Too many people spend a lot on transportation because they are visiting people who didn’t invite them or going to parties where they are not noticed. You don’t have to go everywhere.
  4. Fuel/Generator – I understand that electricity is erratic but you should still watch what you spend on fuel and gens.
  5. Fast food/Snacks/soft drinks – You would be shocked to see what you’re spending if this was calculated for you.
  6. Disposing of things that can be fixed – if you can spend a little money fixing something so you can enjoy it for a longer period, it is only logical to do so rather than just replacing it.
  7. Housing everyone – I know you want to help but housing everyone who comes your way comes at a cost. They don’t stop at living in your house where you pay the rent, they will also eat the food you buy and probably need some other forms of support. While it’s good to be nice to other people, don’t keep going without a plan that allows others feed on you until they find their feet and you stay broke with no one to help when you need help.

Now you know what’s eating up your money. There are a number of other things that are taking your money away and you can sit down to think about them too. You should also carefully choose investments that you can put money into from time to time. Saving up money will help you have some cash you we both know that saving is hard for so many people. When you’re trying to save is when someone shows up with a pressing need and acting so emotional. When you have your money in investments, you reduce the temptation of getting to the cash anytime you ‘want’ it.
I believe you now know better. Spend wisely from today. Invest wisely from today.

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