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I was in a school’s department a long time ago and I saw the statement, ‘my take home pay cannot even take me home.’ At the time it didn’t make much sense so I just laughed about it but now it makes far more sense than I can imagine. I have seen so many people with the take home pay that cannot take them home. As a matter of fact, many people only have the kind of take home pay that keeps taking them back to the office and there’s not much left after that take home pay.
After a while I began to think about why people’s take home pay cannot take them home and as many would think, if they had better pay, the take home pay will take them home. As much as that sounds true, you will find that some people may get higher pay and the take home pay will still not take them home. Now the big question is, ‘why is it that people’s take home pay cannot take them home?’ Is it because they earn so little or because they live far away from their places of work or what exactly is really wrong?
In the course of trying to understand why people’s take home pay cannot take them home I found out a number of things and the first one I will want to share is that one called ‘Financial Intelligence.’ To start with, if anyone must become rich or must earn something and have enough left to take care of other personal businesses, the must needs a level of financial literacy to do that. There are so many people who are earning just enough money to become rich but they do not know so. They think that the way to become rich is to earn so much and then you can have enough money left to do other things like buying a nice house and riding a big car.
Over the years, research and very close observations have proven that getting more money like a pay raise does not necessarily translate to making more money but it is guaranteed that your expenses will increase to meet your current income! If that stands true then you will need to start working very hard on your financial intelligence. We all go to training schools or take short courses because we have to relate with other people in the society but not too many people think they should take trainings in financial education. You should not forget that money is a tool that only responds to the thoughts, actions and ideas of men so you have to understand how to make more money in relation to other people. Some people are holding unto the money that you want but you must know what to do in order to get that more from them. You need to learn how to spend within limit, make simple budgets, create financial plans and stick to your plans and as well invest properly.
You will find so many people who spend on daily basis but they have no investment in anything whatsoever. They keep buying and buying until they use up all the money they have and then wait for another pay to come. You have to change and start by learning something about money. One of the reasons your take home pay many never take you home is probably because you do not know as much as you should do about money.
Take that step today. Start learning about investing the little you have. You must understand how to make and multiply money. So many people can make the money but have not learnt how to multiply the money and that is the key thing in financial literacy.
Your take home pay can actually take you home if only you start by learning to make and multiply money!
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