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Why are you working if your take home pay does not take you home at the end of the day? Or why are you still in a business or company giving you the kind of take home pay that cannot take you to the park where you can get the next bus to your village? Or is it something else apart from what the company is giving you? It is very certain that there are other things apart from what the company is giving you or refusing to give you that is not allowing your take home pay to take you home! Another one of these important things that you must begin to pay attention to is having too many, and sometimes employable, depandants!
If you barely make enough money to feed yourself and your family why are you also taking in so many other hands that you have to feed and in one way or the other encourage them to be lazier than they used to be? I know you really want to help people and especially in Africa where it seems like an obligation to help people who are related to you. I have not said you should not help people. The point is that some of the people you are helping are hold enough to work and they do not have any infirmity that can hinder them from working but they feed from your table everyday without working!
Why are you so surprised that you make some good money and you have nothing to show for it at the end of the day? You have too many people living on you. I am sure some people will bring in the sentiments that they are my brothers and sisters and it is my obligation to help them. It is true that you should help your brothers and sisters but you should not be helping them in the wrong way. One of the ways I think you can help the people who are depending on you is to let them know that you can allow them to live in your house but they must work. You should not be keeping the shelter over able-bodied men and women and you are still the one paying the bills while putting food on their table.
Some of the people who are depending on you may be graduates who claim that they have not found any job and they are still looking. They have now been searching for more than a year and some have been searching for up to 2 or 3 years and even more. How can someone sit at home for more than a year and still claim to be waiting for a job to come? You need to encourage such people to go and do whatever their hands find to do as the Bible rightly instructs! Let them stop feeding off you all the time and watching television all day long while claiming to be waiting for a job. If they have to learn from trade they should go and learn it. If they want to start a business, maybe you can give them a loan if you have the loan, but you must never encourage too many dependants in your house who just come around, eat, drink, sleep and wake up to watch TV.
This may also sound very hard for some people to do. If you think it is hard to make sure that all your dependants who are old enough to work start working then you will keep up with sentiments and the sentiments will keep draining all your income. That way, you will continue in the daily rat race that you are in and your take home pay will leave you stranded at the bus station rather than taking you home.
Remember I have not said you should not help people. I have also said it is okay to let people stay in your house while they get started with something so that they can stabilize before they begin to think about rent. However, you must not encourage people who have the ability to work hang around your house idle. You will be the one to pay for it. Do you really want your take home pay to take you home? Get your dependants to start working today!
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