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I believe that the things you have read so far about why your take home pay may not take you home are really making a lot of sense. I also think that this one will make more sense to you when you are done reading. There are some salient things we need to pay attention to and they are the ones taking away a good chunk of our resources. One of the very big holes that drains the resources of people who work very hard on daily basis is the subscriptions people get stuck with every month.
Some people subscribe to too many things and that is the only reason their take home pay may not take them home. You really have to be careful with what you subscribe to all the time and every month. Sometimes some of the things that people subscribe to are just things they do to keep up with the status of friends or colleagues around them. If you do not need to subscribe to some services then don’t do them. You have nothing to prove to anyone by telling them you subscribe to this or that!
When you check the subscriptions of some people they will completely check all the following and even more:
1. Cable TV (some people even subscribe to more than 1 cable TV at a go)
2. Internet Subscription (There are too many people paying for more than the volume of data needed for what they do)
3. Magazine/Newspaper (some people subscribe to several newspapers and magazines at the same time and may not even have the time to digest the details of the papers).
4. Telephone (There people who still keep several mobile phone lines and land phones and still recharge them regularly).
5. Data on Smart phones
6. Subscriptions on tablets and many more.
There is nothing wrong in subscribing to some of these services but you need to really ask yourself if all of the services you are subscribing to are necessary. I know someone who used to boast about paying full subscription for cable TV services and his total subscription for a year amounts to a minimum of 120,000 naira per year! This same person does not have a personal or duly registered business but lives solely on his salary. Even though the person claims to run some personal services to people once in a while.
Because I agree with the fact that some of these subscriptions are really important, I think we should also set a standard for how to choose what we are subscribing to. If we do not set the standard for choosing what we subscribe to then we will subscribe to anything and everything without consciously noting that the take home pay is being drained away. Here’s what I suggest:
1. Choose your subscription based on its relevance to your field.
2. Whatever you are subscribing to must enhance your personal productivity or work place productivity in one way or the other.
3. Subscribe to things that can contribute greatly to the personal development of your spouse and children.
While it is not totally wrong to choose a subscription because of the fun or entertainment it provides for you at home, you just need to take full responsibility and always remember that you deliberately put your take home pay in the entertainment you are being provided with. Let’s be bold and be more real! If you do not need any kind of subscription either mentioned above or not, you don’t have to go for it just to impress people. Get it if you need it and let it be if you don’t need it!
I think that life can be a lot easier if you don’t get yourself stuck with the things that appear necessary but not compulsory. Again you need to ask yourself if that thing is compulsory? Many people do the necessary things and leave the compulsory things undone until the compulsory things become emergencies for them.
Don’t let the necessary things replace the compulsory things that you have to do. Do the compulsory things first. You can get to a level where all your subscriptions will be paid for even if you don’t need them but you must have paid your dues by multiplying your income.
Your take home pay can take you home if only you do away with the unnecessary subscriptions today!
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