Will this church get you to heaven? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

In the glamour of today’s church and with the redefined message coming from the alter, I think it’s pretty easy for the people who go to church to even miss the heaven that the church was supposed to talk to them about and help them get into! What exactly is the impact of the church on our nations in all the nations where we have churches? A country like mine has churches in nearly every street such that you do not have to walk for 5 minutes before you find one but I sometimes don’t get carried away by how many churches are littering our streets in order to be able to ask what the impact of that church has been on the people who go into in and the society as a whole.
I guess you have heard as well that if your church does not change you then you change your church! Well I should quickly say that it’s not about changing your church if that church does not succeed in changing your physical status or your stand in the social cadre but it’s about changing your personal life and helping you remember the true values that should count in any situation.
One the things that I am not happy about is the fact that most of the people who go to church on a Sunday morning are the same set of people you see on the streets or in business places on a Monday morning and you can’t tell the difference for most people between the person you see on a Monday and the person who was in church on a Sunday! With all of these I think I am forced to ask what the pastors are even preaching on Sundays to their people! Are the pastors saying what they are supposed to say or what they feel like saying! Do we really still have men who hear from the throne of Grace and talk to the people based on what they heard? Are the pastors still hardworking enough to be able to dig into the word of God and bring out fresh meat for the people of God or its and old recycled meet that’s just being repackaged for the people to eat?
I am sure you are probably saying that well most of the pastors now preach prosperity and that’s why we are having all of these things happening in the church! Well I really do not see the problem being the preaching of prosperity IF the PREACHING is done according to the BIBLE! There’s no true prosperity preaching coming from the Bible that does not come with caution, blessings for those who do it right and curses for those who go about it the wrong way. Before I digress, why don’t you as a pastor make out a plan to remind your congregation every Sunday what the goal of a Christian is? I can suggest that you even have about 3 to 5 bullet points before you begin your sermon every Sunday.
For example you can have:
1. Jesus is the reason we are in church today. He died for you and expects you to show love in return by accepting him.
2. Those who do not accept him are not sons of God.
3. To get to heaven you must accept Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour.
4. Make heaven your goal and if heaven is your goal you must live holy!
I think if you say these things every Sunday to your congregation your hands will be clean. If you pastor a congregation you can preach on any other thing that you want to preach on but without those basic messages listed above, you had better be sure you are not leading that congregation to hell!
Let’s not forget that one of the responsibilities of the church is to develop a nation and to do so we will have to build people who truly have integrity and understand purpose. The church is supposed to be one major place where people are baked for excellence and that way, we will have a better society!
I guess at the end of the day it will not matter how beautiful your church has been and how packed it is every Sunday! The figures you compare with other pastors in order to be called a big pastor will no longer count so long as you don’t succeed in getting those people into heaven! Remember, heaven is a major goal of the church! Will this church get us into heaven?

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