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Wisdom, the Bible says, is the principal thing and it rightly admonishes us to get wisdom. If anyone needs to get wisdom, it is definitely those in a relationship or marriage in order to sustain it. We are clearly told that both the man and the woman need wisdom for their relationship to work.
In Proverbs we were told that a woman builds her house by wisdom. In one of the letters written by Apostle Paul, he admonishes the men to dwell with their spouses according to knowledge. That can also mean wisdom.
Wisdom in this case is not just an imaginary word. It is very practical and we see the presence or absence of in the everyday activity within the marriage. Wisdom can preserve the marriage where it is present and its absence can destroy a marriage.
All those planning to get married should not only be asking for a great spouse. As they are asking for Mr. or Mrs Right, they must also be seeking the wisdom to relate and to sustain the relationship.
Some of the areas in which you can practically use wisdom include:
Relating with in laws
Finances in your marriage
Needs in the home versus individual’s needs
Romance and sexual relationship
Strengthening each other or pulling each other down.
For a start I think the ones listed here will do. There are times your in laws will want you to do something that you do not want. You need a lot of wisdom to handle such situations so that you do not get in trouble with them. If you get into trouble with them, your own marriage too will begin to have issues.
If you do not handle finances in marriage very well, it can break your marriage. Husbands usually fight wives and wives fight husbands because of money. Sometimes the money they are fighting over is nothing that should be able to shake their marriage. For some, the real problem may not be the money. It just might be a spending habit from one person or the other being too tight fisted and not releasing money. It could also be with paying the bills at home or the house rent itself. You need to think things through and discuss them before taking a decision. You should also think of the far reaching consequences of your action.
Wisdom requires that you let the needs in the house come before your personal needs. If you allow your needs to always come first then you are giving reasons for the other person to be concerned. Be selfless rather than selfish in your relationship.
I really didn’t know for a long time that romance and sexual relationship can rip people’s marriages apart. I just naturally assumed that those getting married are male and female so why will they not be interested in romance and sex. I was later shocked to find out that this seemingly pleasurable activity to most singles is breaking the homes of others.
Men need wisdom to handle issues if they are being denied the desired pleasure. Women also need wisdom to cooperate, since the complaints mostly tilts against them, with their husbands. You are for each other and frequent excuses not to enjoy each other will soon turn to the very good reasons you should never be together.
I should finally say you need wisdom to not expose each other unduly. You both have a responsibility to protect each other. Protect yourselves against attack and protect yourselves against in laws. Let no one run your spouse down and you should never do it too.
Marriage is built on a strong foundation of wisdom. Remember to get wisdom if you want to sustain your relationship and get the best of each other.    

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