Witches are not your problem – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I over heard a group of photographers discussing in a recent conference that I attended and they lamented their state of stagnation. One of them believed witches and wizards were responsible and he also taught that they could have been richer if their parents taught them how to make money. It is true they could have been richer if their parents taught them how to make money but he erroneously believed that all the people in the developed world taught their children how to make money. I only wish he had read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ but the problem again is that people like that don’t read.
One day, a preacher said, ‘if the devil has an opportunity to defend himself before God he would say, ‘God you know that most of these things I have been accused of were not done by me. You also know that I was in Asia when this man in Europe said I was the one that tempted him’ but the devil will never get that chance because he is condemned forever.’ Unfortunately today we have people who are not putting things right and are attributing their failures or stagnation in life to the devil and his cohorts.
A long time ago I settled it in my mind that I am responsible for whatever becomes of me especially knowing that God already planned a great future for my life and that it will be my responsibility to access what he had preplanned before I came into the scene. Witches may be able to manipulate the destiny of others but yours is secured if only you know who you are and what you carry. You are an exemption to those who can be tossed in any direction provided you have found out the area where you do not have to struggle to stand out.
I have read in the Bible that if the ways of a man pleases God he will make his enemies to be at peace with him so witches and wizards can be at peace with you. Let me also shock you that witches and wizards can be compelled to join in helping you fulfill destiny and I will back this up by the story of a pastor that I heard. He went into a town for a crusade and it was time for him to begin to operate then the witches showed up. When they realized who he was they said, ‘this is a ‘no-go’ area and they also promised to back him up.’ That was strange because witches should be all out to destroy and not to help.
People have come to believe that they do not have power yet they agree that they serve a very powerful God. God is not like your political government that has so much power and its people are so powerless! It is written in the Bible that our names are inscribed on the palm of his hands so I do not understand how witches can control the destiny of a man whose name is inscribed on the palm of God’s hands. The one who watches over me does not sleep nor slumber and he is the only one that has that quality so who’s that wretched witch that can get God to go to bed and decide what happens to me if God goes to bed?
Do I agree there are witches? Oh yeah I do and I remember Jesus in the Bible helping some men to cast out the evil spirits in them and sometimes at the peril of the swine. The more important thing is for to understand that we have and serve “The Almighty” God who upholds the world by the word of his power and has made us Kings and Priests unto our God. He also makes us understand that we have overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.
The conversation of the photographers was that of someone who was mentally weak but unfortunately did not understand how much God had invested in them. You are too much to be stagnated or terminated anyhow. Your destiny is on a high voltage if you are on a voyage with God

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