Withdrawing from people – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I was in a meeting where Bishop David Oyedepo said some people complain they have not seen him in a long time and that they just wanted to come and visit him. His answer to them was simple. He said, “Do you visit a woman in the labour room? You don’t go to the labour room to visit a pregnant woman and since you don’t visit a pregnant woman in the labour room I am in the labour room.”
For the best performance in a race a sprinter will withdraw from people to do series of exercises and then take several hours of practice. That’s the same thing that a basketball player and a footballer would do for maximum performance.
Another friend of mine said someone was complaining that she was difficult to find and she asked a simple question. “Do you pick diamonds everywhere,” she asked. She further said you can pick stone everywhere but those are stones that have no value and are not precious. If you don’t pick precious stones everywhere then you should not think about seeing me everywhere. You have to look for a diamond if you want it so don’t think you will just get me anyhow.
The message she was trying to pass across really has nothing to do with being proud here but she is trying to talk about burying your head somewhere to do some important jobs. Take for example what happens to a diamond when you eventually find it. When a man finds a diamond he places so much value on it and guards it jealously. In some other cases the diamond will be given the best of publicity because it is scarce. This is what will happen to a man who understands the importance of hiding in a place to do some important jobs in preparation for his future.
If you do not understand how to bury your head now in preparation for the future, when the future comes it will bury you in obscurity. I don’t want to be buried in obscurity regarding my future. I want to be the light of the world just as I am supposed to be. This means that I am a principal force in my generation that gives direction and clears confusion as to what way to go.
Whoever must lead in his generation must go ahead of others and not stand in the presence of followers. It’s okay to stand with followers if you want to remain a follower but the bad news is that even followers don’t remain on a spot if they are truly following. It may be a step at a time but they are definite not where they used to be so you have to “move on up” – just like a Nigerian bank would say – if you have to be outstanding in your generation.
Everybody cannot get you to where you are going so you need to withdraw from the people who cannot get you to where you are going. Even those who can get you to where you are going should not always be with you because you need timeout to strengthen your bones and your mind for the task ahead. Withdrawing from people now costs you nothing because they will eventually look for you when you have results to show for your withdrwal.

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