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‘The labour of a fool wearieth him.’ Till date, this powerful statement from this Bible holds true and you can see that in the everyday activity of so many people. They want to be very productive but all that they have is mere activity. They are not working smart or creating templates to make their jobs easy.
How does the labour of a fool weary him? You have to do the same thing, the same way and at the same time repeatedly but you are not even thinking about what can make the job easier or what makes the job possible when you are not even there.
If you want to be productive either as an individual or as an organisation, one of the most important things you always have to do is to work with templates. There is absolutely no reason for you to start everything all over again when you can do it once and leave a template for every other person to work with.
I dare say that one of the things that help me to do a lot at the same time is because I have templates to work with. I either create this templates myself or look that the templates already created by someone in order to get my own jobs done.
When you work with templates, you make your jobs easier. Other people in your team know what to expect from you and they can work faster. You will also spend lesser time in the supervisory role as a leader and be able to execute some more things.
Many leaders have to spend a lot of time supervising what their subordinates are doing and one of the reasons for that is because they don’t have any templates created for people to work with. When you always have to check what people have done or what they need to do, you are wasting productive time and you are not going to be able to achieve as much as you need to.
Sometimes, if you have your templates ready, you will not even need to employ supervisors because what the people need to do is very clear to them.
For example, I have to do a lot of writing and that comes very often. For my daily writings, I have simply created a template that I start working with as soon as I get on the computer. Anything that you do very often must have a template because you will make the job easier and you will also save precious time not repeating certain things that you have done before.
In the many organisations where people don’t achieve much, you need to check and you will see that one of the reasons is that they do repeatedly what they don’t have to do repeatedly. Many of us complain that we don’t have time on our hands yet we always get into things that we don’t have to do again.
I have also seen that the reason some people cannot delegate effectively, either as individuals or as organisations, is because there is no template created by them. When you create a template for all that you are doing, it becomes easier to delegate and you can also move on to other things. You must be able to stay away from what you are doing and that thing will continue to work.
Interestingly, this is one of the simple things killing businesses at a small or even a big level. You will find out that someone is leading an organisation and as soon as that person exits, there is a problem. The whole organisation will collapse. If you will sustain an organisation, in the corporate setting or in the religious world, one very important detail is not only to have a successor who does not know what to do or already has his own ideas, but to also have a very clear template that determines your direction.
Do you want to succeed personally? Create a template for all that you are doing in as many areas as possible. Do you want to succeed as an organisation, it is also very important you create the template for you and your team to work with so that whoever takes over from you knows what to do, where to go, when to move and how to achieve even more than you have already achieved.

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