Work your way to the top! – Fola Daniel Adelesi

There is a strong school of thought in the Yoruba land that consistently tells people that ‘hard work does not kill! It is laziness that kills!’ In so many ways they are right but I know most of the people I will be reaching through this article are not lazy people! It is one thing to be lazy and it is another thing to be compelled into laziness! There are those who will get a chance to work but will be coming up with some reasons not to do them and they just would not work and there are those who are looking for work but don’t seem to be able to find one to do for a living.
In some other cases, people have begun to create and also try to innovate but all they have is a good idea! They may have jumped up, shouted about the good idea, call people up, share the idea with them and expect a big breakthrough! Somewhere along the line they just realize that there’s more to life than just having a nice idea! Too many have been heart-broken before they finally realized that a nice idea is just something that gives you a chance to get started. It does not necessarily yield any result.
By the way, why do you think people are getting frustrated on daily basis? Some of them are frustrated because they have called all the people they know and have used all the big or strategic words they know but nothing seems to be working? How then are you supposed to survive if you are not getting help despite the fact that you are not lazy?
Some of the lessons I have learnt while trying to get things done show me that you need more than an Idea and you should not absolutely depend on people to invest in what’s your idea! Sometimes it’s just difficult for some other people to invest in an idea if it’s not their own! They just throw it away and say it will never work or that one thing is wrong so everything will not work. Here are some thoughts for you:
– If it’s your idea, you always have to remember that you conceived it and will believe in it more than any other person!
– No one is under obligation to fund your idea
– You should not get bitter when people refuse to fund your dreams! It’s either you have more work to do on convincing them or they don’t just believe in your idea!
– Some people believe in your idea but don’t believe in you! For that reason they may just throw the idea away!
– One person may reject your idea but that does not make it a bad idea! If you keep at it you may find someone who believes in your idea or believes in you!
Whatever the case is, I still honestly think that it is your responsibility to nurture your child – dreams or ideas! If you give birth to a baby and no one is willing to give you money to take care of the baby, you can’t charge them to court! It’s your baby! It’s your responsibility to nurture that baby so I want to encourage you to be strong and never give up on your dreams and aspirations just because someone is not willing to fund your idea!
Work and work very hard at making your dream a reality! Those who send you away today or claim not to know you or refused to fund your idea even when they can are those who will come to your door tomorrow or even claim publicly that they know you!
Life is not fair but it does give you enough chances to get your things done!
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