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There are so many people who are working very hard in their current places of work but are not being paid their desired salaries and that’s a source of concern to them so they start thinking about what to do. For some of them, it seems that the only way out is to get another job with better salaries and in some cases they do get the job but as soon as they get the new job they realize that even the better salary is not making much difference and they begin to look for more money! Someone has said that there is nothing like enough money because you will always need more and more but I think that the challenge of anyone working and not getting enough pay is not really the money being earned!
I have always been an advocate of working smart and by that I mean you should not only work with your hands but with your brains and in this context need to apply that to what you are being paid. There are some who earn money and they always spend the money on the things they want and the things they feel like buying even when those things do not fetch them any extra money and they just keep spending that way until they probably have to resign or almost lose their jobs! Some even lose their jobs before realizing that they had spent so much money doing nothing and they don’t know where to start from now that they don’t have their jobs anymore!
If you have a place where you are earning at the moment you must work out a modality for you to put a part of what you are earning into something else that will be bringing more money for you. The best way to work so that after working for several years you will not say that you have worked in vain is to put your money in things that will constantly appreciate in value and still continue to generate income for you. Some people consider real estate and I also suggest you really look into that so that at some point you stop paying rent and you still have some rent to collect from other people! The other thing you may also want to do is to put your money in things that can generate constant cash flow for you! When you have constant cash flow then you may not worry about where to get the next meal from but I must remind you that working smart is far more important than just getting your next meal! It’s a whole lot about creating a future for yourself.
We really have to set aside some time twice in a year or even more to take a look at our lives and see if we are just working and spending money or we are working and as well preparing some grounds for our children so that they will have a better life compared to the one we have! If you struggled to look for job before getting one then you must work in such a way that your own children will not struggle in that way before they can get jobs. It is possible for you to build influences and be able to take advantage of recommendation but how wonderful would it be if you own a place you can transfer to your children and they can transfer to their children as well!
As you work, don’t just set aside some money so that you can have something to spend! You need to set aside money you that you can invest in some other things that will bring income for you passively or actively. I also want to suggest that you learn a skill and after learning that skill you can begin to put money into the things required to take the skill to a professional level. When you leave your current job you can face that skill especially if it is a skill that is not related to age. Some people need to learn how to sow cloths and start by buying sewing machines! You can start with one machine and then proceed to getting another machine from your current pay package but it is first important that you learn how to sew. Some others may consider doing some internet business or creating payment gateways in these days when most banks are trying to deal with less cash and making people pay for everything from the internet. If you have a payment gateway then you will always be able to earn from every transaction that people make on the internet.
I can’t exhaust all the options available to you here right now but you can always think about something else you can do apart from your current job and it should preferably be something you can call your own business!
Work smart by working with your head and make sure you diversify funds into something you can call your own business!
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