“Would have been aborted” – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Friends, I needed to share this story with you so that you would have at least a reason to say that it is not over until it is over. I have been to a number of high schools where I told them about my very discouraging moments as a student in high school and how the story changed. I got into school and was not doing very fine until I had to take another class for another one year. I got over that and started doing fine. Through the help on some of my teachers I got my bearing in writing and speaking and did get out of that school as a celebrity.
A few years after, I again had the opportunity to represent my University just like I did in the secondary school in debates, extempore speeches and poetry dramatization. During my second year in the university I was able to publish my first book which was a long term dream and when I wrote my final papers in the fourth year I published my second book. At this time I lost my dad but I still had things going for me because my success was not dependent on people as prepared by God but on me according to the abilities he has given to me.
From time to time I always had one good news or the other to share with my family and especially my mum. When she showed up in church for a testimony, co-incidentally I as not there because of my schedules, she told the entire congregation that she would have aborted me. She had one girl already and at the time she was carrying my pregnancy she had another girl that was one year and three months old. Because of this she was not expecting a third child so she wanted to abort me.
As a member of staff in the then National Electric Power Authority, she had her hospital bills paid by the company so she went to them and discussed the issue of abortion but they wouldn’t allow her do that. after a few months, the kid that was already a year and three months old died. That was painful because it was not expected but we all know there is a kind of silent joy we all cannnot express. The kind of joy that comes around when something goes wrong somewhere. I was the one she didn’t want but I think God specifically arranged that the other one that was already in her hand should go because the coming baby – that was me – was the kind of baby she could not afford to lose.
Something may be going wrong right now but you may be sure that even when things are going wrong God has a way of making something out of it. My mother was bold enough to come out to share this before the congregation beccause – the unwanted child, some 24 years ago – is now a source of pride to her. May be I should now tell mothers, just as my mother told other ladies after her testimony, that you do not know the baby you are carrying. Abortion! You may be aborting your destiny!
Fola Daniel Adelesi   

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